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Why You Should Focus On Pet Mosquito Control

Are mosquito sprays safe for pets? What is the best form of mosquito control for pets? Furry and hairy coats might help, but cats and dogs can suffer from mosquito bites just as you do. They can also Transfer West Nile disease to your pet and also heartworm. Dogs and cats are susceptible to heartworm […]

Why Mosquito Repellent Fails At Controlling Mosquitoes

Everybody has had that moment: you’re gearing up to enjoy an outdoor activity, grab your mosquito repellent of choice, and then begin to cover yourself for at least 5 minutes before commencing that barbecue out back, hike around the lake, or other outdoor activity. Then, not even a few hours later, you’re being swarmed by […]

Treating Mosquito Bites ‘The Right Way’

Summertime marks the start of BBQ season, picnics in the park, long warm nights, and holidays abroad. The warm weather brightens up your spirits from the cold winter months and everything is perfect until you start to hear that high pitch buzzing sound echoing through your garden… Then the dreaded day comes when you wake […]

Protecting Atlanta Businesses With Commercial Mosquito Control

With illnesses like Zika virus threatening the health of so many Americans, the fear of mosquito-related diseases has significantly spiked — causing people to think twice about traveling to areas with known Zika outbreaks or visiting commercial businesses with outdoor seating and activities. Mosquito control is no longer just a luxury, but a necessity — […]

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Avoiding Mosquitoes & Enjoying The Outdoors This Summer

Of course we all want to avoid mosquito bites, but how many of us actually take the proper precautions? Apart from just spraying your skin with a repellent when you’re spending time outside, there’s a lot of simple things you can do to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes this season. According to the American Mosquito […]

Mosquito Control Facts And Fiction

When it comes to mosquito control knowledge, the line between folk wisdom and folklore is often blurry at best. Much can be gleaned from country sayings and old wives’ tales, but when it comes to mosquitoes, where does the truth end and the tall-tale begin?  Test your wits by deeming the following mosquito “facts” true […]

Are You Harboring Mosquito Breeding Grounds In Your Backyard?

You’re enjoying a romantic picnic by the lake, the sun is going down, and everything is perfect… until BOOM, a swarm of mosquitoes cramp your style and start eating you alive. Ever wondered where they all come from? Well, believe it or not, the answer is: mosquito breeding grounds are all around you. Water, water, […]

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Why You Should Care About Controlling Moquitoes In Atlanta

It’s unfortunate, but mosquitoes aren’t only an annoying pest – they also spread many dreaded and deadly diseases as well. For this reason alone they are frequently listed as one of the most dangerous pests on Earth, which is why controlling mosquitoes in Atlanta is of the utmost importance to us at Mr. Mister. You […]

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Zika Update: Florida Research Shows Zika In Second Mosquito

A study out of the University of Florida has put the spotlight back on the Zika virus. In research published in a scientific journal last week, Chelsea Smartt, a molecular biologist at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences in Vero Beach, reported finding Zika RNA in Aedes albopictus mosquitoes in Brazil. […]

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Mosquito Borne Diseases You May Not Be Aware Of

With several Pacific nations and the state of Hawaii in the grips of dengue fever outbreaks, good news arrived recently when Mexican authorities approved a vaccine against the deadly mosquito borne disease. More governments are expected to follow suit in approving the drug, called Dengvaxia, to combat the mosquito borne diseases sudden surge. The vaccine […]