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4 Considerations to Adding a Deck to Your Yard


Thinking about adding a deck to your backyard? Year around, decks are a great way to bring family and friends together to celebrate events or just enjoy time together. But a patio or a deck is a big investment of time and money. Here are a four things to consider before adding a deck:

  1. How it will look. What kind of wood will you use? What color railings should you choose? Your deck should not only look good as an addition to your house, but also transition smoothly to your backyard. Take your time and know all your options before jumping in.
  2. Size does matter. You don’t want your deck to be too big or too little for your house or backyard. You also need to check the zoning codes pertaining to your zone and the lot that you own. Keep these things in mind when budgeting for supplies and estimating the time it will take.
  3. Location, Location, Location. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding where to add the deck. Where is the best place to access the deck from your house? Where should the stairways lead into the yard? Where is the best place to get sun and/or shade? Thinking about these things and deciding what you want before starting to build could save you heart ache later.
  4. Backyard upgrades. Enjoying your new deck in your yard is hard when your backyard isn’t ready for your guests. Planting a few flowers, fertilizing the grass or adding an automatic mosquito system could make your deck the oasis you deserve.

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