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5 Must Have Pool Safety Items

Your family’s pool is a haven. But without proper attention and care, your haven can turn into a dangerous zone for family and friends. Here are 5 items you must have to prevent those dangers from occurring.

  1. Barriers, like fences, that surround your pool. This limits the access children have to the water since an adult will have to accompany them to open the gate. Barriers should be secure enough that they can’t be climbed over or under.
  2. S. Coast Guard approved Life Savers. Besides being a yummy candy, life savers could save the life of someone you love. Use these for people who are in danger, but are still able to use the round floating life saver if thrown to them. Coast Guard approved versions are guaranteed to work when they need to.
  3. Shepherd’s Crook. While having a life saver is great, a shepherd’s is a great tool for pool rescues. A Shepherd’s Crook attaches to the end of a straight pole and allows you to be able to pull someone in need to safety.
  4. Pool cover. Pool covers prevent pool usage without the owner’s knowledge and consent. They come in a variety of options including a netting version that won’t obstruct your view of the pool, and automatic versions that cover and uncover the pool with a push of a button.
  5. Automated Mosquito Control. Mosquitoes and other pests carry diseases and illnesses such as West Nile and Chikungunya, and pools and backyards are great places for them to hide and breed. Avoid these illnesses, or just annoying and itchy bites, by installing an automated mosquito system.


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