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5 Simple Ideas to Make Your Backyard Fun and Kid-Friendly

Your backyard isn’t just for weekend parties, or for Fido to do his – ahem – business. There are lots of ways to make your yard fun for kids of all ages! Be inspired by some of these simple ideas and you won’t have to holler for your kids to come home for dinner because they, and the rest of the neighborhood kids, will be safe and sound in your backyard:

  1. Use vertical space. Hang buckets with holes in the bottom on your fences to place toys and keep the backyard less cluttered if you have a small space. You can also hang up chalkboards for some artistic fun that cleans itself up after a good rain!
  2. Make a sandbox. You can find simple instructions online that even the least crafty of us can make. Add a tent to make the sandbox fun come rain or shine!
  3. Make an outdoor kitchen. Use old shelving and bookcases to let your kids’ imaginations run wild. Outside, they can be as messy as they want to be, and there are lots of fun “ingredients” to be found in the yard. One fun idea: challenge them to make the prettiest mud pie!
  4. Get a hammock! From pretending they are on the high seas to enjoying a book in the sun, hammocks are great ways for children of all ages to enjoy the outdoors. Check out our blog on picking the right hammock for your family and your style – https://www.mrmr.biz/4-hammock-styles-for-ultimate-backyard-relaxation/
  5. Get rid of the bugs. No one can have any fun if they are constantly swatting and slapping the mosquitoes away. Learn how our automated mosquito control systems and spray services can make your yard safe for family, friends and pets.

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