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5 Things to Consider When Planning a Home Renovation


Renovating is a great way to get the upgrades you want and raise the value of your home at the same time. Before you pick up and move the family, there are a few things to consider before jumping into a home renovation project especially here in Georgia as the building laws are stricter than in most other states. Another thing to keep in mind is that even tho this is a construction project its important to consider mosquito control services during and after construction has ended. Check out this page for more information or to find mosquito services near me.

  1. Budget – Do your research and compare prices– from the contractor to the window panes. Chat with friends that have had similar renovations or look at online forums. Make a plan for everything! Styleathome.com recommends you tack on an extra 20% “for those inevitable issues that will spring up.”
  2. Contractor – Ask friends / family for contractor recommendations. Look for a renovation contractor much like you would if you were finding a pool builder https://www.mrmr.biz/finding-a-pool-builder-thats-right-for-you/. Give them your ideas and your budget and make sure they are as on board with the plan as you are before signing a contract.
  3. Time – Be prepared for long-term renovations and be realistic. It may turn out that your two-week makeover is now a two-month stay with your parents. Make a plan for what you will do without the room you are renovating and for any major changes that could have your family packing their bags.
  4. Your Future – If you plan to move out of the home at some point in the future, remember to keep potential new buyers in mind. Your quirky bright orange sun room may not be a winner on the housing market. Make choices that you love, but that other people might like as well.
  5. Create Value Now and in the Future – Consider safety and luxury items in your planning that will increase the value of your home and make your renovation yours; installing an automated mosquito system, for example, could mean the difference in how often you use that newly renovated backyard during the summer months in Georgia.

Updated: 5/08/2019

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