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7 Ideas To Get the Backyard You Deserve Now

There is still plenty of time to enjoy your yard this season. These 7 simple ideas will get you started in creating the backyard you deserve now:

  1. A place to sit. Pull those extra chairs out on the porch or splurge on relaxing outdoor furniture– authenTEAK carries a beautiful selection of outdoor living accessories.
  2. Fire! Grills are a great way to gather the family outside and have a delicious meal. Cook everything from meats, to fruits, to marshmallows safely. You can also research a do-it-yourself fire pit to find one that’s easy, safe and inexpensive.
  3. Bug- repellant plants. Plant a garden that has dual usage; Rosemary, basil and garlic are great for cooking and for keeping mosquitoes away, and Marigolds and Lavender are beautiful pest-repellants!
  4. DIY projects to show off. Use old wine glasses and citronella torch refills for a recycled Tiki Torch or add sugar water or apple juice in a milk jug to trap bees, wasps, and hornets. A quick Google search will help you find unique recipes and projects.
  5. Unique lighting. Hang up outdoor theme lights, buy solar lamps, or cover rocks, planters or even the porch with glow-in-the-dark paint to light up your night. You can also drill small holes in the fence and insert marbles for a rainbow view in the sun!
  6. Décor that reflects you. Hang mirrors along the fence to make a small backyard seem larger or make stepping stones with the kids with cement, cereal boxes, and distinctive stones.
  7. An automated mosquito control system. Our fully automated systems are discreetly placed in your yard with limited yard disturbance. Mr. Mister also offers service to suit the needs of every property owner with a full service warranty plan to cover the system and installation.

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