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4 Valentine Home Ideas to Show You Care

Show your love to those you care for the most by making “home sweet home” even sweeter. Try these 4 Valentine’s Day home ideas to celebrate the home you share with loved ones:

  1. Winter planting. Spring is just around the corner and it’s never too early to start your spring garden. Planting roses, peonies and lilies for a romantic flower garden is wonderful activity for Valentines’s Day. Looking for something a little simpler? Grab a bouquet on your next grocery run and surprise your loved ones.
  2. Dim the lights. Installing dimmers for the lights in your dining room  is a cost-effective way to add ambiance to an elegant evening. It also extends the life of light bulbs, saving energy and money. Plan a dinner for the 14th that they all love.
  3. Say cheese. Nothing says love like beautiful memories caught on film. Go ahead and print those photos and frame them. Many photo printers will have sales for the holiday, so take advantage.
  4. Start a fire. Gather the family around the fireplace, grab some Valentine’s Day themed snacks and enjoy a movie together. Don’t have a fireplace? Fire pits are a unique, cost-effective way to bring the family together and enjoy your backyard, even when it’s a little chilly. Roast heart-shaped marshmallows and cuddle under lots of blankets!

Spending time with family and friends all year around is special.  Spring and summer are just around the corner.  Keep everyone safe by avoiding illnesses like West Nile – https://www.mrmr.biz/west-nile-virus-deaths-in-us-up-to-58/ and Chikungunya https://www.mrmr.biz/new-cdc-website-models-the-spread-of-chikungunya/, or just annoying mosquitoes by calling Mr. Mister today for your free mosquito control consultation.

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