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Advanced Mosquito Control Systems for Spring Mosquitoes

You should now be thinking of advanced mosquito control systems to prepare for spring mosquitoes. Once the temperature hits 50 degrees, you will find that mosquitoes in Atlanta will suddenly appear from everywhere they have been hiding and hatching between fall and spring.

Let them breed around you yard for just a day or two and you may find yourself with an unwanted invasion as spring moves on into summer. It will likely be too late then for prevention without seeking professional help, so you should do all you can right now to reduce the likelihood of a spring invasion. By employing our recommended advanced mosquito control systems, you will reduce the extent of the spring invasion if not prevent it completely.

The Mr. Mister Mosquito ControlTM and ClearZoneTM misting services will certainly help you to rid your yard or premises from active mosquitoes, and also present a barrier to any future invasions. However, it is best first to reduce this invasion to an absolute minimum before calling in the experts.

Advance Atlanta Mosquito Control Systems

That said, how can you reduce the extent of any spring invasion by applying some advanced Atlanta mosquito control systems now? The term ‘systems’ is perhaps wrong, because they are really simple actions to ensure that you reduce existing dormant mosquito populations before the temperature starts to rise. Keep ’50 degrees’ in mind, because once you see this temperature appearing in weather forecasts, you can expect to find mosquitoes – and your first bite of 2016!

So what can you do?

• If you have been following our Atlanta mosquito control posts you will know that you must clear away any standing water. Mosquitoes love water that is standing still because it provides an ideal environment for egg laying and hatching. Even a single empty tin can or old pail lying in the yard will be enough. Other popular breeding places include dog bowls, bird baths, dormant fountains and they even breed in your guttering and garden ponds.

• If you have a pond then get some fish – they will eat the larvae as the eggs hatch.

• If you have trees in or around your yard, then your roof gutters are likely to get blocked by fallen leaves. This is an ideal hiding place and breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure you get your gutters cleaned out before spring, and that the debris is taken away and not just left lying in your yard.

• Check out places where mosquitoes hide. Not all mosquitoes die in winter. Many live in and around external drains and downpipes, in brickwork spaces, in your shrubbery and in small depressions in the ground. Some can even overwinter inside your home!

Mosquito Control in Metro Atlanta

The Metro Atlanta area is known for its large number of rivers, lakes, creeks, streams and other waterways where mosquitoes thrive. You are therefore at greater risk of mosquito infestations than any other city in the USA! Atlanta mosquito control systems tend to focus on homes rather than on these significant breeding places.

Nevertheless, if you make sure that your yard or garden is as free as possible from breeding places then you can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes that will attack you in springtime. If you find that you are still being attacked in spite of taking our advice, here at Mr. Mister we are ready to offer you the most effective Atlanta mosquito control systems for your spring invasion. Our Mosquito ControlTM and ClearZoneTM misting services have been proved to be effective ways of controlling mosquitoes around domestic and commercial premises.

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