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All About Mosquito Spraying

There are some basics to learn about mosquito spraying.  But first, let’s review what a mosquito actually is…

Mosquitoes are vector insects that transmit plasmodium protozoa as well as viruses depending the vector species. Plasmodium causes the deadly malaria disease, especially in the tropics.

Now you can understand how important mosquito control in Atlanta really is!

Mosquito Control

Mosquito control is one of the most important public health measures to prevent and mitigate breeding of these nuisance vectors. One of these control measures is spraying the breeding places of mosquitoes. There are many mosquito control companies and experts that carry out mosquito spraying in Atlanta. This article will shed more light on the different spraying methods employed in Atlanta.

Mosquito Spraying Methods

There are two main methods employed in Atlanta for spraying mosquito hideouts with an aim of controlling these vectors: manual and automatic.

Both of these methods follow the integrated pest management program which begins with a survey of the property and taking a keen interest on the hot spot areas where mosquitos love hiding. After the survey, a complete fumigation and/or treatment of all the natural hotspots, bushes, foliage and other areas of interest is done using EPA approved pesticides. This protection lasts for 21 days upon which re-spraying is required. These pesticides should be environmentally friendly and completely kill all the mosquitos that come in contact with it. At least, 85-90% reduction in mosquito population should be achieved.

Manual Mosquito Spraying

Manual mosquito spraying follows a specific process and is employed by many mosquito control experts in the area.

The first step is using a backpack sprayer for a wet application which is aimed at killing the adult mosquitoes in the bushes and backyard of the homesteads. The backpack sprayer is able to penetrate thick bushes and plants that ordinary pump sprayers and spray rigs cannot penetrate. It also has high-pressure thrust and penetrates all mosquito breeding and living places. An eco-friendly formulation should be used to achieve this.

The next step is placing a second layer of mosquito repellent granules across the yard. This is aimed at repelling all surviving or migrating mosquitos in that area.

The final step is treating all standing water ponds and pools by putting larvicidal formulations to kill all the eggs.

Automatic Mosquito Spraying

Apart from the manual spraying where an expert literally uses a pump to do the spraying, there also exist an automatic mosquito control system. This system is installed at the homestead and commences work immediately. It creates a mosquito-free zone by use of nozzles fitted along the property perimeter which spray a fine mist in the area. The tubes have limited disturbance and are often placed along the fence line. This mist immediately settles out on the area killing instantly and repelling all mosquitos and other insects such as spiders, flies, ticks, fleas and wasps.
This system is usually programmed on the specific time to spray. Most of the systems spray early in the morning at dawn and late in the evening when mosquitoes are active and when other desirable insects are inactive such as butterflies and bees. The system comes with a remote control that can be used for on-demand spraying by the owner. The system uses organic solutions which are eco-friendly.

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