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We go above and beyond to make sure your mosquito control service is the best it can possibly be. Not 98%, not 99%. One hundred percent satisfaction.

If we fail by any measure, we’ll be happy to pay for your first service with a competitor of your choice. Yeah, you read that right. We’ll pay for your first service with a competitor of your choice.

That’s just how we do 100% Satisfaction Guarantees at Mr. Mister.

Why Mr. Mister?

  • Atlanta’s mosquito experts
  • Guaranteed mosquito relief without exception - 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Effective and reliable service 7 days a week
  • Industry leading customer service
  • Consistent 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and Kudzu

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We customize each barrier spray application to successfully treat your mosquito problem. The price is based on the size of your property, nothing else.

Is it safe?

All products are EPA regulated and approved for use in residential applications. Mr. Mister goes above and beyond what is required. We currently treat schools, playgrounds and dog parks.

How fast can we get there?

We can be at your home for a treatment the day after you sign up. We also work 7 days a week, so weekends aren't a problem.

How long does it last?

Treatments last 21 days and are guaranteed for that entire period.

What do you do?

Mr. Mister’s ClearZone™ misting treatment uses a solution that sticks to the underside of the foliage as well as an all natural granular larvacide, creating protection that lasts 21 days. Not only that – it is 100% biodegradable so leaves no active residues. Relief from the mosquitoes is guaranteed for all 21 days. We also treat standing water, drains, and downspout areas to clear them of larvae and adult mosquitoes.

What is the treatment schedule?

We come treat your property every 21 days from March through October to insure that you and your family are protected. During that time, if you are ever getting bites, just give us a call for a complimentary retreat.

Mr. Mister is 5 star rated on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Kudzu.

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If there is one place you and your family should feel safe, it’s your home and yard. Our mosquito misting system is designed to help add that extra layer of safety to your Atlanta home. With the current increase in mosquito transmitted diseases like Zika, West Nile and Chikungunya, Mr. Mister Mosquito Control™ provides the most effective and convenient method for managing mosquitoes and other biting insects in your yard. Automatic Mosquito Misting System Once installed, our automatic mosquito misting system immediately begins creating a mosquito free zone by spraying a fine mist through small nozzles around the perimeter of your property. The mist quickly settles down on the landscape eliminating or repelling any undesirable insects. Our products are great for controlling flies, gnats, wasps, ticks, fleas, spiders, and of course mosquitoes. Every system is programmed to spray at dawn, dusk, and evening hours when mosquitoes are most active and other more beneficial insects, such as the pollinating bees and butterflies, are not. What To Expect From Your New Mosquito Misting System Fully automated custom misting system Each residential misting system is built by our licensed and insured professionals Only company to offer Lifetime Warranty on System Parts and Labor* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Easy to use remote control for on-demand mosquito spraying 100% Organic solutions available Tank and Tankless Automatic Mosquito Control Misting System options available Our MPP (Monthly Payment Plan) automates service and refill schedule, includes winter and de-winterization and our No Hassle Lifetime Warranty.