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Atlanta Community Mosquito Control Services

Our Atlanta community mosquito control services are available to all communities in Metro Atlanta counties: Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Cobb, Clayton, Butts, Cherokee, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Henry, Newton, Rockdale, Walton, Barrow, Bartow, Coweta, Paulding, Pickens and Spalding.

More than 33 recreational centers and over 3,000 acres of parks are all available for residents of Atlanta to use. The Atlanta Beltline project enables residents of the city and its environs to take advantage of the city’s geographical and municipal features to bike, run, jog or walk alone or with their family in the fresh air. The Mr. Mister Atlanta community mosquito control services supplement our residential services, available on our web page http://www.

These areas, along with parks, schools and other open areas commonly used by the public are no more immune to mosquitoes than your own yard or garden. In fact, in many cases they present more of a mosquito hazard due to the number of people that use them. Mosquitoes and other biting insects will be attracted to those areas of a city that are associated with a combination of foliage and human activity. They are attracted initially by the carbon dioxide in your breath, and then home in on your sweat and body heat.

Atlanta Community Mosquito Control

Atlanta community mosquito control refers to the maintenance of a mosquito control system that protects residents of the city from attack in public parks, schools and other areas. Mr. Mister provides both manual and automatic mosquito misting systems to protect users of such facilities. We not only offer a very effective mosquito control service, but do so at discount prices, and sometimes even on a complimentary basis for common areas subject to mosquito attacks.

Here at Mr. Mister, we play our part in making Atlanta as mosquito-free a city as possible, and offer our services to some parks and other areas at group prices, and sometimes without charge. Our Automatic Misting Systems and ClearZone™ Misting services not only control and deter mosquitoes, but also discourage other nuisance bugs such as wasps, gnats, hornets, fleas and ticks.

Biodegradable Mosquito Misting System

Our treatments are biodegradable, and gradually dissipate after application within a few weeks. For this reason, our ClearZone treatment should be repeated at least every 21 days. This does not apply to the Mr. Mister automatic mosquito misting system because that offers protection on a daily basis, or on demand, over the life of the contract period.

Atlanta people like the outdoors and they enjoy using the municipal and private facilities provided. Being an Atlanta company, Mr. Mister knows this, and we offer a high level of Atlanta community mosquito control. This enables all the citizens of this great city, and its surrounding towns and neighborhoods, to enjoy its parkland, streams and public areas without being continually bitten.

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Natural Mosquito Control: Local Community Programs:

Our natural mosquito control and protection program starts in your yard and extends across the globe. With every new customer, Mr. Mister makes a donation to Nothing But Nets, an organization which distributes life saving mosquito nets to third world countries where mosquito born diseases, such as malaria, are epidemic. We can save large numbers of young lives by donating even one mosquito net – and Mr. Mister donates many.

Mr. Mister partners with non-profits, schools and other groups to provide community fundraising opportunities. We donate a percentage of the total contract value of each customer who signs up through this program back to the organization.

We service many schools, pre-schools, vets, and parks. The Brook Run Dog Park in Dunwoody and Little Nancy Creek Park in Buckhead Atlanta are just a couple examples where our natural mosquito control system has resulted in a mosquito-free zone.

Atlanta Mosquito Control

The above are just some of the Atlanta  mosquito control services offered by Mr. Mister to the communities, residents and organizations of this great city and neighboring towns and communities. Our professionals are full trained, and our mosquito control solutions are safe for people, pets and plants, and are also 100% biodegradable.

Contact us if you would like us to review your community mosquito problem free of charge. We can adapt our Atlanta mosquito control services to suit the needs of your community.