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Mr. Mister Mosquito Control Systems

Atlanta mosquito control systems are so common these days that you can find it hard to choose between them. What kind of system do you need? What is the difference between a mosquito spray and an automated system? Is one just manual while the auto system looks after the problem itself? Take a moment and think.

You certainly don’t want any automated mosquito spray suddenly appearing during your yard party or a barbecue – do you? Controlling mosquitoes involves the use of insecticides – that’s a given. Sure, you can spray some deterrent such as eucalyptus or thyme oil around the yard – but that won’t resolve your problem, at least not in the mosquito capital of the USA it won’t!

You need something more permanent – something that will a) remove any mosquitoes already there and b) prevent new ones from entering your perimeter. Sounds like a battle, doesn’t it! But yes, it is a battle – one between you and the mosquitoes. They are driven by nature to get your blood to create eggs that create more mosquitoes. You are driven to prevent this because, not only does it sting and itch, but a mosquito bite can also lead to disease – sometimes fatal!

Mosquito Spray or Automatic Mosquito Control System

So it is a war in a way and one that you have to fight to win – they sure won’t give up! So what is the difference between a mosquito spray and an automatic mosquito control system? They seem the same, but it only seems that way! Mr. Mister offers you two ways of controlling mosquitoes in your yard – or even around your business premises.

ClearZoneTM Misting Treatment:

The first is our ClearZoneTM Misting Treatment which comes in form of a fine spray or mist that is applied to the underside of the foliage in your yard. Our engineers will survey the areas around your home, and then spray all the places where they know mosquitoes are likely to rest when not active. These places include the underside of leaves on bushes and trees, foliage in general and also around drains, downpipes and other places where water can stand without draining. Anywhere that is dank and dark and an ideal hiding place for these insects.

Automatic Mosquito Control:

The second is a different type of mosquito control system. Our automatic mosquito control system sprays a fine mist around the perimeter of your home. This mist coats the entire landscape around your home, and also foliage, trees and other plants that can hide mosquitoes under their leaves. This spray activates at preset intervals, and once it starts then no mosquitoes should be able to access your home. ClearzoneTM removes what is already there, and the automatic misting system prevent prevents new mosquitoes coming in.

So, when you start our MR. Mister Atlanta mosquito control systems, you are:

  • Cleaning out all the places that can currently be home to unhatched eggs and overwintering adult mosquitoes.
  • Emptying standing water from the common receptacles: tin cans, cold tires, bird baths and pet bowls, and other places where water can stand and go stagnant, so creating an ideal environment for mosquitoes.
  • Coating the underside of all the foliage that can harbor adult females until spring comes.

Then, when we apply the automatic misting system, you are preventing further infection from new incoming colonies. The mist not only control existing mosquitoes, but also catches those moving in from other areas. They may be insects deterred from the yards of other clients of ours – so why not join them and rid your own yard of mosquitoes?

It doesn’t matter how old or new your home is. Mosquitoes are not interested in mod-cons or traditionalism in their selection of yards. They want warm blood to suck up to provide the protein required to create their eggs. Mr. Mister can help you to remove any existing infestation and then to prevent a new one occurring. Our ClearZoneTM misting systems removes what is already there and our Automatic Misting System will deter others from entering your perimeter.

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