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Atlanta Mosquito Control: Have a Bug Free Garden Party

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What can Atlanta mosquito control do for you? You have a garden party coming up in Atlanta – or maybe a barbecue or just a family gathering. These get-togethers tend to take place in the early evening – and carry on until whenever! This is just the time that mosquitoes get active again after their early morning flight around your garden or yard seeking out their breakfast blood.

It’s not just the mosquitoes that can interrupt all the fun and jollity – how about wasps, gnats and these nasty biting flies that also seem to appear at around that time. Add to that the ticks and fleas that can cause so many health issues with your pets and children (did you know that fleas can give your kids tapeworm) and you have a jungle full of dangerous bugs that are a threat to everybody in your party – and don’t forget the pets! They are also susceptible to every one of these insects, though mosquitoes are the worst all round.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Many people make sure to avoid being outside in a garden or yard in the early evening. This is particularly true if there is a lot of vegetation and standing water in the area which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and other biting insects. Mosquitoes particularly get excited with crowds of people – such as at a barbecue or garden party. They are attracted by all that exhaled carbon dioxide – they can detect it from as much as 25 yards away. They follow the CO2 then zoom in on the body heat and perspiration chemicals when they get close enough.

You sure don’t want your guests to spend all evening slapping their necks, arms and other areas of exposed skin. Even less do you want any of them, particularly the children, getting infected with one of the foul diseases they carry. These include bacteria and viruses that can cause severe joint pain and arthritis, terrible sickness and diarrhea and even meningitis and encephalitis, both deadly to adults and children.

Atlanta Mosquito Control Systems

So what can you do prepare for a bug-free Atlanta garden party? What mosquito control systems can you use and how far in advance of your garden party or barbecue must you use them? The answer is quite simple: depend on the experts! Here at Mr. Mister we are expert in controlling mosquitoes and other flying insects that bite and can pass diseases. Here is the process we use with you:

1. You call us and inform us that you are having a garden party or barbecue, but are concerned about the mosquitoes that always seem to come out at that time. You want to protect your guests.

2. We visit your home (or your business premises if this is a corporate event) and check out your entire garden and yard area. We will initially be looking for stagnant standing water of any kind. This is a breeding ground for many flying insects, including mosquitoes. It can take the form of:

  • Old tires in the yard or even by your garage, where there might be an inch or two of water held them (that’s all it takes.)
  • Bird baths that have been neglected for a while.
  • Containers that can collect water, such as plant pots, buckets, cans and even old barbecue grills that may have been left to rust away. This does happen!
  • Roof guttering that is blocked with debris – birds can deposit grass and other seeds which quickly grow in your gutter, blocking it up.
  • Small ponds that have been allowed to go stagnant (without fish.) If you have fish, then they usually love to dine on mosquito larvae.
  • Garbage bins that contain rainwater – drill a hole in the bottom of them to drain excess water away.
  • Aluminum cans left lying around: particularly if you live near any waste ground.
  • Mosquitoes do not necessarily breed in your yard – they could be doing so next door. Check out your neighbors’ yards and let them know if they are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • Areas in your garden or yard that are not draining properly – small depressions can fill with water and lie for a few days, particularly in clay ground that does not drain well. It only takes a few days. It takes 5-14 days from egg to adult mosquito depending on the species. Georgia has over 60 species!

3. We will apply the most appropriate mosquito control measures for your specific situation. These will clear your garden of mosquitoes for your party, and we can also set up a mosquito misting system to maintain that control over the following 21 days. After that time you will likely need a repeat misting.

Be Bug Free With the Mr. Mister Mosquito Control Misting System

Our name, Mr. Mister, reflects the Atlanta mosquito control mist that we use to protect your garden and yard from visiting mosquitoes once we have removed those already present. A simple phone call to (404) 941-0720 to discus out Atlanta mosquito control systems will guarantee you a bug-free Atlanta garden party. By removing all the mosquitoes from your garden And then creating a barrier to further infestation, your guests, children and pets will be protected for 21 days – long enough for any garden party, no matter how enjoyable.


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