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Benefits Of Creating A Mosquito Barrier In Your Yard

What is a mosquito barrier? You often hear the term or read about it when discussing mosquito control systems. Atlanta is about the country’s worst city for mosquito bites, so you are sure to hear about mosquito barriers somewhere.

You’re often told that it’s important to keep mosquitoes out from your yard and not just treat the bites. By the time you get bitten the damage has been done.

You’ve already caught what it is the mosquito is carrying, whether that is West Nile virus or Zika virus it’s too late then to do much about it other than to get the appropriate medical treatment.

So let’s say you have cleared your yard of all the containers that mosquitoes breed in, and have sprayed all the greenery and round drains as you are meant to.

What’s to stop them coming back? In fact, what’s to stop your neighbor’s mosquitoes from wanting a change of scenery, so they decide to visit you yard for a change? Nothing – unless you have a mosquito barrier installed.

What Is a Mosquito Barrier?

A mosquito barrier is some form of system that prevent mosquitoes from enter your yard or your property. It’s nothing like a gate or some form of physical barrier, but a chemical barrier.

If a mosquito does get through, it sure doesn’t get back because it won’t last long! Mosquitoes can kill people, and a mosquito barrier can kill mosquitoes – tit for tat as they say!

Mosquito barriers come in only one form – at least the effective ones do. They are fundamentally sprays that activate at certain times of the day when mosquitoes are just getting to be active.

They come in the form of a set of pipes attached to spray nozzles that are installed all round your property or your yard.

The pipes are attached to containers holding a supply of a mosquito spray solution designed specifically to control mosquitoes. You can get synthetic and natural insecticide sprays that are more lethal to mosquitoes than most other flying insects.

The timer activates the pumps at preset intervals, such as early morning, just as mosquitoes are becoming active, and dusk just before they return to the hiding places they use at night.

The spray is discharged as a fine mist that coats the underside of leaves, penetrates foliage and thick undergrowth and fundamentally gets to the places that mosquitoes tend to use for resting while the warm-blooded creatures they like are sleeping.

Where do Mosquitoes Come From?

In Atlanta very few people are 3 miles or more away from a lake, swampland, river or creek. Mosquitoes will often rest and breed in and around these natural waterways, then swarm to your yard when it just starts to get light, or when dusk is just changing daylight to evening.

If you have no mosquito barrier, it doesn’t matter how many mosquitoes you have sprayed previously, another batch will be on its way. A mosquito barrier keeps them out.

If you get problems with mosquitoes entering your yard early morning or dusk, then you need a mosquito barrier. Visit our website at our Automatic Mosquito Control Systems page and check out what is possible.

You can use this service to set up a mosquito barrier that will enable you to enjoy your yard with your family without being attacked every evening.

Mr. Mister provides you with a very effective automatic mosquito misting system that will help keep your yard and garden free of mosquitoes once you have first removed them. If you want us to remove them first, then contact us here:

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