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Benefits of a Mosquito Misting System

Atlanta is particularly susceptible to these little devils because of its climate and geographical situation. There are around 65 types of mosquito in Georgia, USA and residents would not be surprised if every one of them were in their city – the worst city for mosquitoes in the USA!

Not all 65 are dangerous – but that’s no comfort to you unless you can identify those that are! Mosquitoes have been found to carry West Nile virus, which in its milder form cause severe sickness and bowel problems, and at its worst leads to meningitis and encephalitis. Others carry the chikungunya virus that causes fever and joint pain, sometime lasting for months or even years. They also carry a variety of other parasites, bacteria and viruses.

The Mr. Mister ClearZone™ Mosquito Misting System

That’s why it is very important that you take advantage of all the options we can provide. A mosquito misting system is widely regarded as the most effective because of the way it works. Initially, we at Mr. Mister will eradicate existing mosquitoes and larvae from your yard, garden or industrial premises. We will then ensure longer-term protection by means of our mosquito misting system known as ClearZone™.

This involves spraying a mist of a solution that adheres to the underside of foliage around the treated area. This protects your yard or premises from further mosquito infestation for 21 days. We guarantee that you will find no mosquitoes within your area for at least these 21 days. To make sure of this, we will also treat those environments in which mosquitoes breed: areas of standing water such as puddles, pools, pots, drains and so on.

Because the Mr. Mister™ solutions are biodegradable, they rapidly break down after they lose their effectiveness. We guarantee 100% satisfaction – or we will ensure that your premises are mosquito free without further cost to you. Our experts know exactly where mosquitoes like to breed and spend their time when not biting you!

Mosquito Self Help

While the ClearZone™ Mosquito Misting System is very effective, you can also help yourself by minimizing areas of standing water where they breed. Look around your garden, yard or premises for buckets, flower pots and other containers that collect rainwater that can eventually stagnate. Regularly renew water in bird baths, keep your roof guttering clean and free-running, remove any old tires lying around and fill in depressions where water can collect and go stagnant.

Running water is fine, as are clean pools that are regularly maintained. It is stagnant water where mosquitoes lay their eggs that hatch to produce larvae that creates the problem. Once the larvae develop into adult mosquitoes the females need protein to produce eggs.

They get this protein from blood. The males are happy just to feed off nectar from flowers – it is the females that are the problem, particularly around dusk and dawn. They can detect carbon dioxide from 75 feet away and fly towards it. When they get close enough to detect body heat they zero right in on you.

Maintain a Mosquito-Free Home

By keeping your yard clear of standing water and employing the Mr. Mister ClearZone™ mosquito misting system, you can enjoy mosquito-free barbecues and your children can play without you worrying about them getting bitten.

Our technicians will initially visit your home or business premises, assess the extent of your problem and propose the most appropriate form of treatment. They will deal with any existing mosquito problems then install the most appropriate mosquito control system for your needs.

A mosquito misting system protects your outdoor spaces for 3 weeks, after which it will need retreated. We provide a maintenance service to ensure that the external areas of your home or your premises are kept free of mosquitoes and other biting insects throughout the year. When considering a mosquito exterminator is particularly prone to this type of pest.

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