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Choosing the Right Doghouse for your Faithful Companion

Did you just find a forever friend or are you looking for a new house for Fido? Finding the right dog house can be a little tricky, especially if you’re a new pet owner. Follow these tips to find the perfect house for your pet.

  1. Pick a home that is perfect for your pet’s size. A small dog will need a warm house that is not too big in order to feel safe, while large dogs need a home that is easy to get into and sturdy enough for their body weight. If your dog can stand up and turn around in the house easily and comfortably, it has enough room.
  2. The best material to use is wood. Metal and plastic absorb both heat and cold, so it will not keep your dog safe in extreme temperatures.
  3. According to Dog.com, a good rule of thumb is “If it is safe for kids, it is safe for your dog.”
  4. Details that seem like a luxury might need to be a necessity depending on where you live. An elevated floor will reduce the risk of flooding in flood-prone areas, while a weather flap will prevent wind and rain from reaching your pup.
  5. Try to select a house that has some form of vent to help circulate air within the house.
  6. Finally, decorate your dog’s house by throwing a comfy mat or pad on the floor of the doghouse to protect your pet’s paws. Just make sure it can be washed to avoid fleas and other pests.
  7. Pests bug pets too. The bite of an infected mosquito can cause heartworm in dogs.

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