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Controlling Mosquitoes At An Outdoor Wedding

Ever attended a wedding and been bombarded by uninvited guests of the flying and biting variety? We know we have, and although we’d love to have been smitten by all the love in the air, getting bitten by mosquitoes can be pretty distracting.

Summer time is prime wedding season across Atlanta. Unfortunately for wedding planners and guests alike, it’s also mosquito season.

If you’re planning a wedding, making sure your guests are having a great time is probably your number one priority. Every bride wants her wedding to memorable; with all the effort that goes into menus, flower arrangements and end-of-night playlists, the last thing you want your guests to take away is memories of being swarmed by skeeters.

Protect your wedding guests from pesky mosquitoes with these outdoor wedding tips from Mr. Mister and get hitched without the itch.

Be mindful of time and place

Generally, the hours between dusk and dawn are the most active times for mosquitoes. This tends to coincide with wedding activities, so be sure to take extra precautions if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. Some mosquitoes will bite at any time, so barrier protection is going to be your safest bet.

It’s also important to remember that mosquitoes breed in standing water, and tend not to travel far from where they breed. So, if you’re getting married by a lake or pond, chances are you’ll have quite a bit of mosquito activity.

Do what you can to reduce areas of standing water around your outdoor wedding, ensuring any containers are drained well before guests arriving.

Invest in mosquito control

There are a number of precautions you can take to protect your wedding guests from being eaten alive by mosquitoes, but none will be as thorough and effective as mosquito barrier protection.

Trained and licensed Mr. Mister technicians can spray the wedding venue in advance to make sure uninvited guests don’t show up to your special day.

Close attention should be paid to areas your guests will be enjoying themselves in, such as tents, tables, and where group photos are taken.

Our mosquito control technicians specifically target the typical areas that mosquitoes live, rest, and hide, such as trees, shrubs, plants, grass, or under staircases.

Make use of outdoor fans

Mosquitoes are pretty weak fliers, so setting up outdoor fans around the area will help keep them away from your guests, food and beverages.

Even if you only set the fans to low, you should create enough airflow to keep mosquitoes from getting close to your wedding guests.

Fans also help disperse the carbon dioxide we emit, which is the major attractant for mosquitoes. If it’s a warm day, the fans will help keep guests cool too!


Pick flowers that mosquitoes hate

Flowers are an integral part of most traditional weddings. Why not be clever and choose beautiful flowers that will not only create ambience but also repel mosquitoes?

Consider floral arrangements with bee balm (monarda), floss flower (ageratum), lavender, or marigolds.

Get hitched… without the itch!

With the current prevalence of mosquito bite allergies and mosquito-borne infections, it’s more important than ever to protect those around you from bites.

Don’t let biting bugs make an impact on your special day – contact the team of experts at Mr. Mister about mosquito protection for your outdoor wedding today.

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