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Create a Mosquito Barrier Using a Mosquito Misting System

You can create a mosquito barrier using a mosquito misting system. What does that mean? Let’s have a look at how mosquitoes get into your backyard and totally ruin your barbecue, pool party or even just you and your family enjoying some time together out in the yard.

First, it’s highly likely that the mosquitoes attacking you today were bred and born in your backyard! Sure, they can get there simply by flying in, but unless you have employed some mosquito control measures sometime between last fall and now, then they have more than likely been born in your yard!

How can we say that? It’s because, outside of the rivers and creeks, mosquitoes in Atlanta tend to be container species, meaning that they can breed in containers such as tin cans, buckets, flower pots, bird baths, old tires and even open trash bins and the pits at the bottom of fence posts, gate posts and walls! It only takes from 4 days to a month from laying for a mosquito to reach maturity and then die. The average life cycle for a mosquito in Atlanta is around 10-12 days. How often do you clear out your yard?

Mr. Mister can clear your yard for you, treat those areas of standing water you want to keep (pond, pool, fountain and so on) and apply a mosquito spray deep into the long grass and shrubbery where mosquitoes love to hide. Once all that has been done, what must you do so that you don’t let all that hard work and expense go to waste? Here’s what!

Create a Mosquito Barrier

Automatic mosquito misting applies a fine mist of permethrin insecticide, fatal to mosquitoes, around the perimeter of your backyard – and also round your front yard or garden if you prefer. In fact, you can create a mosquito-free zone around your entire home. That means an effective mosquito barrier! So how does that work?

Simple: Mr. Mister will survey your home and its surroundings and assess the greatest areas of mosquito risk. We first make sure that your entire yard has been treated to destroy any mosquito larvae (wrigglers) and pupae that develop into adults. We can also utilize our ClearZoneTM mosquito spray manually to destroy any mosquitoes in the places in your yard they commonly rest – deep or long grass, shrubbery and the underside of leaves.

Mosquito Misting Systems Have Been Shown to Work

Once we are sure that your entire front and backyards and your garden are free of mosquitoes, we can then set up an automatic mosquito misting system. This sets up an effective mosquito barrier, through which most insects will not penetrate. It’s not only the mist that deters them, but also the fact that this mist rests on the foliage around your home. Insects, including mosquitoes, will be looking for a place to rest, but will not find any that is safe for them.

Mosquito barriers created by means of mosquito misting systems using the insecticide employed by Mr. Mister are effective. Most families will have a greater risk of infection were the misting system not used. Creating a mosquito barrier using a mosquito misting system is scientifically valid, and in any case, its effectiveness has been proven time and time again through our own success in this field.

More benefits of a Mosquito Barrier

Your new mosquito barrier will then allow you to enjoy your yard in the summer months and the fall as you should. No biting during barbecues (other than your own on your burgers and chicken!) and pool parties, and your children can run around and play without you worrying about mosquito-borne diseases. Your pets may also appreciate this because they are often the forgotten victims of mosquito attacks. A simple Mr. Mister mosquito misting system can give you all of this.

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