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Eliminate Mosquito Prone Areas with a Mosquito Mist System


A  mosquito mist system can be used to eliminate mosquitoes in areas prone to them. Mosquitoes need a couple of specific environments in order to live and breed in your yard. These involve moisture and also a warm dark place where they can hide during the most of daylight hours. Here are a few ways to team up with Mr. Mister to eliminate mosquitoes-prone areas with an automatic mosquito mist system.

Customized Protection With a Mosquito Mist System.

When deciding where to place the mist system nozzle, we will take into consideration areas with lots of shrubbery and shade. The undersides of the leaves of dense shrubby and plants and under decks and in damp shady areas of the property are where mosquitos thrive. Placing mosquito mist system spray nozzles in that area will kill the pests that live there and keep more pests from finding safe haven in your yard.

Your Mosquito Advisors.

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in areas with standing water. When installing your system, our knowledgeable technicians can tell you areas where standing water can collect in your yard. It is important to get remove the water from these trouble spots, especially after a rain. We also recommend you keeping the grass in your yard cut short – mosquitoes live in long grasses.

Mr. Mister designs your mosquito mist system to the perimeter of your yard to prevent pests, but that is different for each customer. We can also advise you of any specific suggestions we have to make your yard less inviting for mosquitoes.

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