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Home Safety Checklist – 10 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

There are many ways to keep your entire family and guests safe from accidents at home. Whether it’s fires, frozen pipes or just a slip and fall, simple steps could prevent disaster from striking. Here we’ve provided you with 10 quick checklist items to make sure your home is as accident-free as possible:

  1. Make sure to keep your gutters and downspouts clean of debris like leaves.
  2. Get your air conditioning and heating systems inspected before there is an issue.
  3. If you use gas in your home, get these devices checked annually by a professional.
  4. Check your walkways and driveways are safe by checking for large cracks or uneven sections of pavement, and keep some ice salt on hand for those icy days.
  5. Check weather-stripping and caulking for drafts around windows, doors, and wire entry points.
  6. Have your roof inspected for damage, and inspect your fireplace for damage and hazards.
  7. Check the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors.
  8. You should have at least one A-B-C rated fire extinguisher in your home, and everyone in your home should be aware of how to use it.
  9. Create and communicate a fire escape plan to all members of the household.
  10. Prevent mosquitoes from transmitting diseases like chikungunya in Georgia to family or guests or from transmitting heartworm to your faithful companion by contacting us for a mosquito control system consultation.

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