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How To Keep The Zika Virus At Bay

Owing to the typical southeastern U.S climate, Atlanta has a humid subtropical weather marked by abundant rainfall. Regions that are relatively hotter are prone to insect-borne diseases and Atlanta is no exception. Over the past few years, the spread of the Zika Virus is on the rise. Carried and transmitted by the mosquitoes, this virus can cause serious physical and mental ailments among the victims. The process of eradicating the virus might be gradual but with an effective mosquito control system, residents of Atlanta can protect themselves and those who matter to them.

What is the Zika Virus?

In order to get rid of the Zika Virus, it is crucial to understand its origin, †characteristics and repurcussions. Named after the Zika forests of Uganda, where the virus was first found, Zika Virus usually targets pregnant women. Fetuses that are affected with the virus are likely to suffer from Microsephaly (smallness of skull and brain) and other peripheral nervous system impairments.

Although deaths are rare after the attack of the Zika Virus, yet more than fifty childeren in Brazil die due to Microsephaly. The association of the Zika Virus and Microsephaly is under observation but the speculation has already raised serious concerns on the international level. Atlanta, owing to its geography and climate, becomes the prime target of such viruses as mosquitoes and other insects easily dwell in subtropical lands.

Contrary to other insect-transmitted diseases, Zika Virus rarely has any symptoms in most of the cases. In some cases, however, fever, rashes, joint pain and conjectivitus are the signs of the Zika Virus attack. Despite the advancements in science and medicine, no vaccination has yet been developed to fight the Zika Virus. The only remedy that remains is to fight the very cause of the Zika Virus which is none other than mosquitoes.

Mosquitos Control and Zika Virus

Among many other diseases spread by the mosquitoes, Zika Virus is one such disease that has lately captured the attention of the world. The virus is spreading quickly in Brazil, Southern U.S and Central America.

The Zika Virus is more likely to attack regions with relatively hot and humid environment, abundant rainfalls and dense tree coverage. Such scapes are favorable incubators of flying insects, especially mosquitos. Atlanta, with plenty of rivers and lakes, is among the top natural habitats of mosquitos. This means the threat of mosquito-transmitted diseases such as the Zika Virus is higher in Atlanta than anywhere else.

Zika Virus is caused by the mosquito bite and the virus can remain in the victimís blood for many days. Mosquitoes, being the vectors of the virus, should be controlled through a comprehensive mosquito control system. Widely practiced ways of getting rid of mosquitos such as repellents, bed nets and sprays havenít proven to be lasting which calls for an advanced solution.

Mosquito Control Systems for Atlanta

Mr. Mister, one of the most reputable pest control companies based in Atlanta, is committed to provide the residents with a radical, effective and safe mosquito control system. Proposed by the team of licensed and insured professionals, the system maintains a protective layer of a fine mist that is enabled through automatic spraying nozzles. 100% organic, Mr.Mister’s unique system is tough on mosquitos but harmless to you, your family and pets.

Built after close attention to the needs of Atlanta, the mosquito control system promises peace of mind for your family and loved ones along with guaranteed results. In addition to securing your yard and house, Mr.Mister ensures a worry-free family timeout.

Once installed, the system works in two ways. One, it helps in getting rid of the mosquitoes, their larvae and eggs already present in your yard or property. Two, it forms a shield against new mosquitoes and insects like fleas, ticks, spiders and wasps that might attack your yard or living spaces.

This way, Mr.Mister guarantees a complete mosquito control and turns your house, lawns and yards into insect-proof zones. Mr.Mister has full faith in their systems that is why it is the only company in Atlanta to offer a lifetime warranty on labor and system parts.

Summarizing the Zika Virus

Atlanta, being home to river water, lakes and rainfalls has a humid and subtropical climate that prevails during most of the year. This type of weather is quite favorable for numerous insects including mosquitoes. Recent concerns about mosquito-transmitted diseases such as Dengue and the Zika Virus have created a wave of tension on the international level. Atlanta is one of those regions where the threat of the Zika Virus attack is high and demands a proactive solution of the problem.

Managed by a team of certified professionals, this mosquito control system is ideal for families residing in Atlanta and guarantees 100% mosquito control, enabling them to fight the reason of the Zika Virus.

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