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Last Chance to Prepare for Summer

Spring is almost over in Atlanta. Mosquito control is a must now, or you will suffer when the warmer summer weather brings mosquitoes by the thousands out of your ponds, drains and any other areas where eggs are hatching and larvae maturing. Here are some tips on how to avoid being plagued by these pesky and often dangerous insects.

What’s the point of having a yard if you can’t use it in the summer? Mosquito control starts early in Atlanta and the surrounding area, but many leave it too late to have much an effect on mosquito populations. Keep in mind that diseases such as Eastern Equine encephalitis, LaCrosse and West Nile disease are not uncommon in Georgia.

Not only that, but although the Zika virus has not yet been transmitted in the USA through mosquito bites, Georgia and Florida are among the states with most reported travel-associated cases. It is expected that such cases will shortly lead to local spread of the virus. Here’s what needs to be done to reduce the mosquito population in your yard. Atlanta mosquito control must start now if it’s to be effective!

Clear Out Standing Water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water rather than running water. The eggs hatch and then larvae quickly mature to adult insects. You should check your whole yard for standing water: in tin cans, flower pots, bird baths, around drains and downpipes, and also inside old tires, buckets, guttering, rain barrels and other containers. Mosquitoes can even breed in small pools of water among the shrubbery and at the bottom edges of walls and fencing.

Clear out all of these potential mosquito breeding grounds. The cycle from biting a human to laying eggs and changing to an adult insect can take as little as two weeks. In some cases, mosquitoes lay their eggs in the fall which can then overwinter and hatch in the spring. It’s very important to catch them early before they develop.

Clean Out Your Yard

Clean your yard of general debris, such as old leaves and general garden waste. Keep everything looking tidy and try to avoid dark, dank areas where mosquitoes can hide and thrive. Make sure you remove all the clippings when you cut your grass and shrubbery and don’t forget those spaces between paving stones on your paths. They may be small, but they can harbor mosquito eggs.

Keep Your Shrubbery and Lawns Trimmed

Cut the grass and trim your shrubbery – then remove the debris. Mosquitoes love to hang out in the dark and damp areas among deep grass and shrubbery. Males and females feast on nectar, and the females also drink your blood for the protein needed for their eggs. They therefore tend to stay close to both sources of nutrition – in the vegetation close to your home.

If you do this at the end of every winter and during spring, then you should go a long way to reducing mosquito populations in your yard. Now is late, but not too late to make a difference. Call Mr. Mister if you need help or advice: we can do all this for you, and we can also treat those ponds, downspouts, drains, etc. to remove any eggs and larvae yet to mature.

Atlanta Mosquito Control: Clearzone Mosquito Misting System

Mr. Mister’s ClearZone™ mosquito misting system is an effective insecticide that is sprayed onto the underside of the vegetation around your yard. It sticks to the surfaces of leaves and stems to protect your yard for 21 days. Because it is biodegradable, there are no active residues left behind. We will repeat every three weeks for maximum protection.

Mosquito Misting: Automatic Mosquito Control

Once your yard has been cleaned out and the immediate problem treated an automatic mosquito control system can be installed. This involves an automatic mosquito misting system that sprays a fine mist of biodegradable insecticide round the perimeter of your home at preset intervals. The misting system is safe to people and to pets, but presents a barrier to unwanted insects and mosquitoes: the ultimate Atlanta mosquito control system!

If you begin now, you still have time to make your yard a more pleasant place this summer. You can enjoy barbecues, pool parties and all the other things that make Atlanta a great place to be in the summer without worrying about mosquitoes invading your yard and spoiling the party!

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