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Little Known Facts About Mosquitoes Everyone Should Know

Facts About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have been around for a very long time, yet this nuisance insect continues to cause problems around the world. Because mosquitoes actually suck blood out of living creatures, they are able to spread disease and cause serious injury and death worldwide. Here are some little-known facts about mosquitoes that every homeowner should consider as a way to stay safe. For example, it is not widely known that mosquitoes are one of the deadliest insects on the planet.

Lethal To Pets Such As Dogs

This statistic is true simply due to the fact that more deaths can be attributed to mosquitoes around the world than any other insect or animal. Mosquitoes carry everything from malaria to yellow fever and encephalitis. They can also carry heart-worms that can prove to be lethal to pets such as dogs. These facts alone make it clear to see why mosquitoes are so incredibly dangerous. As small as they are, they can wreak havoc in wide ranging areas across the planet.

Female Mosquitoes Require Blood Protein

Another interesting fact is that not all mosquitoes bite. Indeed, only the female mosquito is responsible for biting humans, while male mosquitoes typically feed only on flower nectar. Female mosquitoes require blood protein to produce eggs. As a matter of fact, a female will not be able to reproduce unless she is able to extract blood from an unwilling victim. As an added note, females that are not active in terms of reproduction typically do not bite. Mosquitoes are even known to bite birds and other creatures such as various types of amphibians. Whether it is biting reptiles, humans or birds, one thing is sure and that is that mosquitoes are a problem.

Impressive Speed For Something So Small

What some might consider an impressive fact is that mosquitoes can fly rather fast. In fact, mosquitoes are in some cases able to fly up to 1 to 2 mph. considering their size this is actually an impressive speed for something so small. However, it should be noted that other types of insects such as butterflies and even bees fly far faster than the typical mosquito. Also intriguing is the fact that the mosquitoes’ wings are able to flap up to 600 times per second. This action causes the frequently heard buzzing sound when a mosquito is nearby.

Need Water To Breed

Finally, mosquitoes can travel up to 100 miles from their initial breeding ground. While some mosquitoes stay close to where they originally emerged, others travel quite far depending on the species. As a note, most people already know that mosquitoes need water to breed. That is why standing water is always frowned upon when it comes to preventing mosquito infestation. Mosquito larvae are known to develop rather quickly in moist humid environments where standing water is present.

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