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Make the Best of Game Day—7 Tips for Tailgaters

Football season is finally here! That means bringing the jerseys out again, gathering around the big TV or heading to a tailgate. Tailgates are a great way to bring both family and friends together to celebrate your favorite teams or epic rivalries. Here are 7 tips to help you make the most out of your tailgating fun:

  1. Create a list before Game Day of everything you might need. Include obvious things like food, plates, utensils and napkins but also add anything you might need like ponchos, sunscreen and bug spray.
  2. Make sure to show up early so you have enough time to set up and start cooking.
  3. Grab the best spot to make sure you have enough space for you and all your friends. Parking by a grassy area means you’ll have even more space to spread out, and parking under trees means more shade for you and your gang.
  4. Be courteous to your fellow tailgaters. Don’t play music too loudly and don’t spill over into their tailgating space (unless they want you to join their party too). And, of course, pick up after yourselves once the tailgate is over; add garbage bags to your before-Game-Day list!
  5. Be sure to check campus rules. Some campuses don’t want you to have open containers while others might not allow you to have alcohol at all.
  6. Make sure to make some time to clean up after the game. For example, charcoal grills need a lot of time to cool off, so you’ll have to factor in cool down time.
  7. Make sure to bring citronella candles or torches to keep the mosquitoes and other pests away. Candles are compact and easy to take with you, but torches can add to the festive atmosphere. Either choice is a good choice – after all, parties are great without mosquitoes!

Enjoy football season!

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