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Natural Atlanta Mosquito Control

Natural Atlanta Mosquito Control – Leave it to the Birds?

It might seem that the natural Atlanta mosquito control system would be to simply leave it the birds, the bats, and any other natural predators. Many people even believe that zappers or ultrasonic systems will control mosquitoes. Let’s look at each of these and discuss their potential for taking the place of a professional mosquito […]

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How a Mosquito Misting System Works

There are several methods of mosquito control misting systems available. Here, we’ll explain how a mosquito control misting system works to protect your home, garden, and yard from these annoying and dangerous pests. Mr. Mister offers two fundamentally different types of misting systems. Each of these is explained here. Mosquito System Our ClearZone™ mosquito misting […]

Looking For A Mosquito Repellent That Actually Works

Looking For A Mosquito Repellent That Actually Works?

Mosquitoes are annoying. We all know that they are a common nuisance in houses, parks, yards, and open spaces. But they are capable of giving you more than just a painful bite; they also transmit deadly diseases. Thousands of remedies have been put to use to get rid of them, but only a few actually […]

4 Effective Techniques For Controlling Mosquitoes

Controlling mosquitoes around your house and yard is important for several reasons. The primary concern for most people is the annoying itch of a mosquito bite. But health reasons are just as important. Mosquitoes are some of the most dangerous and deadly animals around the globe. The danger is due to the fact that they […]

Mosquito Control and Open Water

Mosquito Control and Open Water

Mosquito control in can be particularly tricky if you live near water. Many homes are within a mosquito’s flying distance of open water, such as a river, creek, or lake. And if you live on or near water, you’re bound to have an issue with mosquito control and open water. But Mr. Mister can still […]

Eliminate Mosquito Prone Areas with a Mosquito Mist System

  A mosquito mist system can be used to eliminate mosquitoes in areas prone to them. Mosquitoes need a couple of specific environments to live and breed in your yard. These include water to lay their eggs and a warm, dark place where they can hide during most daylight hours. Here are a few ways […]

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Make Your Yard A Mosquito-Free Zone

Make Your Yard A Mosquito-Free Zone

Mosquitoes are found all over the world. Scientists have identified more than 3,500 species to date, but there may be even more. These small creatures might seem harmless, but some of them are capable of spreading fatal diseases among people and animals. That is why it is absolutely crucial to keep them at a distance. […]

6 Ways To Ensure A Mosquito-Free Yard and Home

6 Ways To Ensure A Mosquito-Free Yard and Home

If you own a home and live in or near Atlanta, Georgia, it’s a sure bet that you enjoy the outdoors and spending time in the front and backyard. It’s also a sure bet that you think about how to keep the mosquitoes away while you’re in your yard. We realize it seems like there’s […]

Mosquito Spray Chemicals in Atlanta Mosquito Control

Mosquito Spray Chemicals

Repellents can use several different mosquito spray chemicals. Any mosquito spray should eradicate mosquitoes from your yard or garden and the plants around your home. But the chemicals vary in effectiveness, safety, and side effects. Repellents often combine a spray with a mosquito barrier misting system. There are several such systems available, depending on what […]

Mosquitoes in Winter and Mosquito Control in Atlanta

Mosquitoes in Winter

Although you tend not to see many mosquitoes in winter, protection and prevention is a year-round activity. Mosquitoes become inactive below 50 degrees, but they do not die out. They are alive and well, hiding away, waiting for warmer weather in the spring. That’s why we see such a sudden explosion of mosquito activity when […]