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24x7 Mosquito Control

A 24×7 Mosquito Control Company

Everyone needs a little time for rest and relaxation. For many people, the weekend is a time to stop worrying about work and spend some quality time with the ones they love. Unfortunately, mosquitoes don’t share your penchant for downtime. In fact, when you’re ready to head out into your yard for some well-deserved time […]


Mosquito Spray System Based on Flowers?

There are plenty of companies out there spraying for mosquitoes. Some of them are better than others. But one way to choose a company is to look at their values. Does your mosquito control company use a mosquito spray system that is safe? Is their spray destructive to plants and animals? Is it toxic to […]

Mosquito Service vs DIY Mosquito Spray

Nobody loves mosquitoes, especially in their own backyards. So making the decision to treat your yard for mosquitoes and other pests is easy. When you consider all the benefits, spraying for mosquitoes seems like a great option. As we are fond of saying here is Mr. Mister, it’s like creating a forcefield around your yard […]

mosquito control solutions

Out and about this summer? Two mosquito control solutions from the experts.

So you have invested in making your yard mosquito free. Great decision! You’re getting all the benefits of Mr. Mister’s top-notch mosquito control solutions. You can enjoy dinner on the patio, playing on the swing set, and swimming in the pool. There’s not a single worry about the threat of mosquitoes ruining the fun. But […]

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AJC.com Article: Mosquitoes Ready To Swarm Atlanta

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article on mosquitoes and West Nile virus here in Atlanta, Ga entitled “Mosquitoes Ready To Swarm Atlanta” and found online here: https://www.ajc.com/news/local/mosquitoes-ready-swarm-atlanta/IJJu3gxkosPOjJG4MK3jmO/   Video source: AJC.com

How to Protect Your Dog from Heartworm

Heartworm prevention is a hot topic, literally! As the weather heats up, people spend more time outdoors with their furry friends. And at the same time, the bug population is flourishing, increasing the risk of heartworm infection. So how do you protect your dog from heartworm? Here are a few helpful tips. How do dogs […]

Why A Mosquito Control Company

Why A Mosquito Control Company?

We are often asked by Metro Atlanta mosquito victims, what makes Mr. Mister Mosquito Control different from general pest control companies? They may already have someone who takes care of pests like cockroaches and ants, so why add a mosquito control company? Our answer is the following: “While a family practitioner is incredibly important, you […]

mosquito-borne illnesses

Mosquito-Borne Illnesses, Heartworm, and Atlanta Mosquito Control Facts

So you’re sitting out at your pool or having dinner on your patio, and your arm starts to itch. You look down and see the unmistakable signs of a fresh mosquito bite. Thankfully, here in the U.S., our first thought does not have to be about malaria. Worldwide, malaria kills over 3 million people a […]

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Greater Knowledge of Mosquitoes Through...Pantyhose

Greater Knowledge of Mosquitoes Through…Pantyhose?

Mosquitoes are not all created equal. Some mosquitoes prefer animals, while some seek out human hosts. There are also differences among humans, with some appearing much more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Of course, we know this intuitively. Some people just seem to get eaten alive, while others go mostly unscathed. But figuring out precisely […]