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Clogged Gutters

How Clogged Gutters Can Attract Mosquitoes

Pests (including mosquitoes) come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Some may even resemble each other enough to be difficult to identify accurately. However, regardless of identity, all pests have one trait in common—they all rely on moisture for survival. This is why controlling any excess moisture in and around your home is the first […]

winter mosquito control

Winter Mosquito Control Tips To Prepare Your Yard

With yet another year out of the way and 2019 fully arrived, the winter season is in full swing. This means yet another year of mosquitoes and the deadly diseases they carry, especially in the Southeast. Thankfully, with cooler temperatures, mosquitoes aren’t much of an issue as of yet. However, to prevent an onslaught of […]

How Do Mosquitoes Find Their Prey?

Mosquito Facts: How Do Mosquitoes Find Their Prey?

There are lots of ways that humans attempt to evade mosquitoes. We use sprays and repellents. We use smelly candles and smoke. Sometimes we just don’t go outside at all. In areas prone to mosquito-borne illnesses, people use mosquito nets doused in repellent. But with all these ways of defending against mosquitoes, we often overlook […]


Why Are Mosquitoes So Dangerous?

As astonishing as it may sound, mosquitoes are considered to be the most deadly animals on earth. Yes, they are even more deadly than grizzly bears, sharks, and poisonous rattlesnakes put together. But why are mosquitoes so dangerous? There are many reasons why these pests cause so many deaths, but one significant reason has to […]

Techniques to Become Less Attractive to Mosquitoes

Techniques to Become Less Attractive to Mosquitoes

Unless you’ve been living in Antarctica for your entire existence, chances are you’ve experienced a mosquito bite at least once. For some, though, they just can’t seem to get away from mosquitoes — and during every warm and humid season, they’re plagued with mosquito bites on a daily basis. Is there a reason for this? […]

Mosquito Control Tips: Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Particular Human Scents?

You have undoubtedly heard it time and time again; there’s just something about you, in particular, that mosquitoes adore. But, how true is this statement? Unfortunately, it all boils down to one trait you carry; your smell. No matter the perspective, mosquitoes all boast acute receptors, which can detect scents that are up to 100 […]

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Is Mosquito Control Needed in the Winter?

If the weather has gotten chilly in your area, you might have already crossed mosquitoes off the list of things to be concerned about for now. However, by doing so you could be putting yourself and your family at an even bigger risk for mosquito-borne illness. It’s true that most mosquitoes are not active when […]


Halloween Safety Tips from Mr. Mister!

This week is Halloween, and your kids are eager to put on their costumes and join friends on the hunt for the neighborhood with the best candy. Unfortunately, this year they will be joined by another group on the hunt: mosquitoes! Most years, by the time Halloween rolls around, the mosquitoes are long gone. But […]

Are You Harboring Mosquito Breeding Grounds In Your Backyard?

You’re enjoying a romantic picnic by the lake, the sun is going down, and everything is perfect… until BOOM, a swarm of mosquitoes cramp your style and start eating you alive. Ever wondered where they all come from? Well, believe it or not, the answer is: you probably have mosquito breeding grounds in your backyard […]

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Mosquito Repellent or Mosquito Control

Mosquito Repellent or Mosquito Control – Which is Better?

Mosquito repellent or mosquito control – which is better? Is it better to spray yourself all over with a mosquito repellent spray or to control mosquitoes, so they are not there to bite you? Of course, it’s sort of a funny question. Obviously, it’s preferable to make sure there are no mosquitoes in your yard. […]

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