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Atlanta Mosquito Control: Simple Mosquito Protection Tips

When we talk about Atlanta mosquito protection, we don’t just mean controlling the activity of mosquitoes. We mean eliminating them. Atlanta has been rated the buggiest city in the USA for mosquitoes year after year. So it makes sense to take preventative action before it becomes urgent; or before it’s too late. Mr. Mister offers […]

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Common Mistakes Made by Mosquito Control Service Knock-Offs

At Mr. Mister, we provide two options for keeping your home or business mosquito-free. Most of our members choose our ClearZone™ Misting option. We visit your property about every 21 days during mosquito season and apply a highly effective mosquito guard solution. The other option we offer is installed automated mosquito-spray systems. Mosquito control systems […]

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Where do mosquitoes hide = Image1

Where Mosquitoes Hide in Your Yard and Your Garden

Do you know where mosquitoes hide when they are not actively hunting you out and biting you? To effectively control them, you must know where mosquitoes hang out in your yard and garden when they are not active. Mosquitoes tend to come out in the early morning and then again at dusk. So, where are […]

4 Reasons to Invest in a Mosquito Service

Mosquito Control Safety: Misting Systems and Child Safety

Mr. Mister takes mosquito control safety very seriously. Our mosquito misting system is very effective at eradicating mosquitoes and other biting insects from your backyard, garden, or commercial premises. We are very aware of the potential effect of insecticides on humans and animals, particularly concerning child safety. We can state with confidence that, when used […]

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4 Reasons to Invest in a Mosquito Service

Why Controlling Mosquitoes in Atlanta is Essential

Mosquitoes can seem like nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Of course, if you’re suffering from multiple bites, it might not seem so minor. But controlling mosquitoes in Atlanta is essential for many reasons. The more you know, the more you will see why mosquito control in Atlanta is not just preferable; it is essential. […]

Bug-Free Garden Party

Atlanta Mosquito Control: Have a Bug-Free Garden Party

What can Atlanta mosquito control do for you? You have a garden party coming up in Atlanta—or maybe a barbecue or just a family gathering. You’ve planned out every detail for the perfect party. But there is one thing that you just can’t plan for. These get-togethers tend to take place in the early evening. […]

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Mosquito Problem in Atlanta? How to Control Mosquitoes

If you ask people around Atlanta, most people will probably agree that this city has a mosquito problem. From early spring to late fall, mosquitoes terrorize the Southeast. Whether you plan on a backyard barbecue, a family hike, or just relaxing your yard, mosquitoes can make life miserable. Thankfully, you have Mr. Mister, and Mr. […]

24x7 Mosquito Control

A 24×7 Mosquito Control Company

Everyone needs a little time for rest and relaxation. For many people, the weekend is a time to stop worrying about work and spend some quality time with the ones they love. Unfortunately, mosquitoes don’t share your penchant for downtime. In fact, when you’re ready to head out into your yard for some well-deserved time […]


Mosquito Spray System Based on Flowers?

There are plenty of companies out there spraying for mosquitoes. Some of them are better than others. But one way to choose a company is to look at their values. Does your mosquito control company use a mosquito spray system that is safe? Is their spray destructive to plants and animals? Is it toxic to […]