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A Mosquito Barrier Around Your Home

Controlling mosquitoes involves more than just killing them in your yard or on your premises, but also preventing them from getting them there in the first place! Here are some tips on setting up a mosquito barrier around your home or commercial premises.

Mosquito Barrier Basics

Controlling mosquitoes is not easy due the proximity to wetlands. Rivers and lakes are ideal breeding places for these insects, and once they spread they will try to inhabit anywhere that has standing water where they can breed. They only live a few days, and their sole objective is to breed, lay eggs and then their job is done. Biting you and sucking your blood is part of the breeding process – at least to them it is!

Female mosquitoes need the protein in your blood to develop their eggs. Once they get into your yard, they can be very difficult to remove. So, how do you stop them entering your yard? Tackle it as the U.S. Army would! Set up a perimeter and make it very difficult to breach. “Mosquitoes Stop Here!” So how do you do that? Here’s how;

Mosquito Misting System

You can set up a mosquito barrier by installing an automatic mosquito misting system around the perimeter of your yard or your entire home. This is not difficult to do if you get the help of the right company to help you. Mr. Mister is that company, and we have years of experience in setting up mosquito misting systems for use as a mosquito barrier.

Mosquito BarrierIt takes the form a set of pipework leading from a tank or individual cylinders of insecticide to a series of small spray nozzles set around your perimeter. The spray system is activated at set times or time intervals to coat the surrounding vegetation with a fine mist of insecticide. This controls any insects that try to get past this mosquito barrier. They tend to rest in the afternoon and late into the night, and that is when this spray catches them. It is very effective.

In most areas mosquito control is a part of daily living. These biting insects are so endemic that at one time people just got used to them. Now that Mr. Mister is available with a well-researched scientific solution to their problem, there is no need for you just to accept them as a price you pay for living in and around this wonderful city.

You have no need to accept mosquitoes as part of your daily life. A mosquito barrier is easy to set up, and is a very effective system. So say NO! to mosquitoes and prevent them from making your life a misery, and also ruining the lives of your family and your pets. CONTACT MR. MISTER HERE and get help in eradicating this problem from your life once and for all!

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