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Mosquito Control Force Fields? Believe it!

When I was a kid force fields were pretty much the coolest thing I could ever imagine. From Star Wars to Star Trek to numerous video games, force fields were as cool as roller skating birthday parties. Thinking about the safety of an impenetrable bubble always there to protect you was a comforting thought. I knew any intergalactic attack would be of no concern to me because I knew the Earth had the best force field ever….Of course as I grew older I realized force fields were about as legit as the tooth fairy.

I hadn’t really thought of force fields for about 20 years until one of our members called us recently. They moved into a house that backs up to woods and a creek. Their family and two kids could never go outside without becoming dinner for blood thirsty mosquitoes.

As their partner, we installed an automated mosquito misting system at their home. The perimeter of their yard is protected by a series of nozzles which, 3 times a day, automatically spray a product based on chrysanthemum seed extract. They even have a remote control for extra sprays when needed. The system not only gets rid of mosquitoes, it also helps with fleas and ticks (boy is their dog happy).

A week after the installation, this member called us up raving about the lack of mosquitoes. They said it is like a force field has been created around their yard, repelling unwanted flying insects. As the mosquito control system continues to spray the protection gets better and so does the force field. Since installing the misting system they go outside whenever they want without worrying about bug sprays or mosquito bites! Their backyard is a true mosquito free oasis and they still have beautiful dragon flies, ladybugs and lightning bugs.

Finally after all these years I have finally found a real Force Field!  And you have found a partner!

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