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Mosquitoes in Winter and Advance Preparation

Mosquito preparation in winter is a matter of clearing up your yard and the entire area surrounding your home. It also involves planning for spring, when you can expect mosquito attacks on a regular basis all through spring and late fall. Advance preparation for what you know is coming is a sensible step to take. First, some information about mosquito activity:

Mosquito Activity and Temperature

Mosquito activity is regulated by ambient temperature. mosquito control: mosquito drainIf you live in an area where winter temperatures can rise above 50 degrees, then mosquitoes around your home will be just as active in winter as in summer. We have stressed several times in past posts that mosquitoes do not understand seasons – their activity is determined by temperature. 50 Degrees might not be a definitive cut-off for that – some species may be active way below 50F while others prefer it a bit warmer.

However, even those species that prefer it warmer can become active again if you have a warm winter. We have made mention of global warming and climate change in our post you can read that now in a new window if you wish. We have also advised you to clear out all containers that can hold standing water over winter. That’s because they can be home to eggs waiting to hatch in spring, or even larvae that will become adults when it becomes warmer.

Winter Mosquito Control Techniques

Are there any other winter mosquito control techniques you can take to minimize the volume and frequency of attacks come spring? Yes, there are, but first let’s make sure you understand that mosquitoes do not wait until spring. They wait until ambient temperature reaches 50 degrees or more. They do not suddenly become active on March 26, which is the official first day of spring in 2016. They wait until the temperature is 50 degrees, which can be at any time from December to March.

Modeling using existing data shows that mosquitoes are becoming active earlier in the year and the season is finishing later in the year due to changing climate. It has been estimated that average temperatures in Georgia will increase by between 4.5 and 9 degrees by 2080. This will not affect you but it will affect your young grandchildren and their families.

Mosquito preparation in Winter

Is there anything you can do to prepare for a potentially early spring – or an attack in winter if temperatures are suitable. Planning is very important. Do not wait until spring attacks before you start to think about control systems. Plan now, so you are ready when you hear that first high-pitched buzz, whine or screech; whatever you prefer to call it, it is your first spring wake-up call for what is to come!

Contact Mr. Mister using the contact details above or below, and discuss your problem with us. We may not actively be able help you control mosquitoes now, but we can assist you in deciding what actions you should be taking before spring. We have the essential local knowledge about those areas most susceptible to specific species of mosquito, the hazards associated with them and how to control and eradicate them.

Contact us below for advice at any time of the year, but particularly now, when fall is fading into winter and people become more relaxed. You can be bitten at any time of year – Mr. Mister can help you avoid that. Mosquito control in winter starts now.

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