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Mosquito Control Misting: How a Mosquito Misting System Works

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There are several methods of mosquito control misting systems available in Atlanta. We shall explain here how a mosquito control misting system works to protect your home, garden and yard from these annoying and dangerous pests. First off, Mr. Mister offers two fundamentally different types of misting system. Each of these is explained here.

ClearZone™ Mosquito Misting System

Our ClearZone™ mosquito misting service involves spraying the underside of foliage and other areas of your yard where mosquitoes like to hide when they are not active. This mist not only deals with mosquitoes but also inhibits their reproduction. The effect of this sprayed mist lasts for 21 days, after which further treatment will be needed.

We not only spray the underside of foliage, but also other areas where mosquitoes tend to settle at night and during the major part of the day. These areas include downspouts, drainage areas, standing water and any other damp and dark areas in your yard or garden.

The treatment is very effective, particularly as a means of solving a mosquito problem, and as an initial treatment prior to an automatic misting system. If you want a quick result, perhaps for a barbecue or garden party, then this is for you. It lasts 21 days and then you can have it repeated indefinitely at 21 day intervals.

For a more permanent solution consider our mosquito control misting system below.

Mr. Mister Mosquito Control System™

The Mr. Mister Mosquito Control System™ is likely the most effective solution for significant infestation over the longer term. This involves the installation of misting nozzles that spray a fine mist of insecticide at preset intervals.

These are fed by reservoirs of solution set to operate when mosquitoes begin their activity and when they are most active:

  • Dawn: when they awake and start out on their early morning hunt.
  • Early evening: when they awake from their daytime siesta and look for prey – particularly when conditions are warm and humid.
  • Dusk: just before mosquitoes settle for the night they become extremely active.

Our technicians will install the piping and misting nozzles. They will then set the spray to activate at preselected times. Our customers can testify to the effect of the Mr. Mister Mosquito Control System™; they support our belief that effective mosquito control misting in Atlanta depends on a scientific approach, targeting their regular and preferred habitats at the times when they are statistically likely to be present.

Professional Mosquito Control Misting

Mr. Mister offers the professional mosquito control misting service that Atlanta residents need. We know it works, because the science supports it. Our results are superlative and our customers commend us on the effectiveness of our service. You can check out our Atlanta mosquito control testimonials if you have a need for evidence of this. The link opens in a new window so you can return here with a click on the top right exit cross.

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