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Is Mosquito Control Needed in the Winter?

If the weather has gotten chilly in your area, you might have already crossed mosquitoes off the list of things to be concerned about for now. However, by doing so you could be putting yourself and your family at an even bigger risk for mosquito-borne illness.

Even during the winter months, when cooler temperatures are the norm, female mosquitoes still remain active. Think about it, mosquitoes have been on earth for millions of years, which means a few snow or hail storms aren’t likely to send them running for the hills.

As the mosquito control professionals in Atlanta, we want our homeowners to be prepared to handle the threat of mosquitoes no matter what time of years it is. Here’s what you need to know about mosquitos in the winter:

Mosquito Diapause in the Winter

In the winter, mosquitos will go into a state that is known as diapause.

During this state, mosquitoes shut down their development, and will basically hibernate until the spring. This may come as a shock to those who believed these pests simply die out in the winter.

Mosquito Eggs in the Winter

Mosquito eggs are even more resilient than their adult counterparts, as they have been known to survive through many harsh environment and weather situations.

While it is quite common for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs on (or near) some form of standing water, mosquito eggs can also survive desert situations in a drought, freezing temperatures, and other severe forces of nature like  thunderstorms.

It’s important to note, that once a mosquito egg has hatched, it becomes a possible disease-carrying adult within 4-7 days. Needles to say, this process is quick once the life cycle has begun.

Taking Mosquito Control Seriously in the Winter

Now that you know mosquitoes don’t die in the winter, what can you do this season to ensure you aren’t providing a breeding ground for these pests to hatch in the spring?

You should begin by making sure your yards are clear of anything that could possibly catch rainwater. Some of the outdoor items that could collect water can include something as simple as a child’s toy, flowerpots, a shovel lying on the ground, or a swing. Keep these empty and you will be avoiding an overabundance of mosquito larvae.

Of course, if you want to take mosquito control in Atlanta extremely serious this year, you should contact the experts at Mr. Mister for an estimate on one of our innovative and effective mosquito control solutions.

These include our ClearZone mosquito misting service and automatic mosquito control systems. Contact us on our website today to learn more.

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