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Mr. Mister ClearZone Mosquito Treatment

ClearZoneTM is our main mosquito control treatment, which is used to clear your yard and surrounding areas of mosquitoes before we set up our automatic mosquito misting system. We can use two specific chemicals in ClearZoneTM – a 100% natural product and also Permethrin, a synthetic form of a natural substance known as pyrethrum. Here is how we use these:

Natural Spray: Our 100% natural product is sprayed around areas where natural pollinators such as bees tend to visit. This is around your ponds (safe to fish and amphibians,) flower beds, vegetable gardens, flowering shrubbery and wildflower areas. You have to apply these natural sprays every 14 days for maximum efficiency. Because they are 100% natural, prices vary between sources and according to demand, so please check with us for prices before ordering.

Pyrethroid Spray: Pyrethroid is a form of pyrethrum which is a natural substance. This is sprayed onto areas such as mulch beds, in and around non-flowering shrubs, low-lying tree branches, in and around areas where mosquitoes can rest and breed such as the bottom of walls, holes in stone and brickwork, in and around fountains and anywhere else that mosquitoes tend to breed and to rest while not in flight.

That is how we control mosquitoes. We control them when resting and breeding, because trying to control mosquitoes by spraying them in flight is next to useless. You get a few, but just one adult female can breed hundreds more in a short period of time. So we get them where they breed and rest. Mr. Mister is one of the top Mosquito control firms in the country because we know where mosquitoes go at night and in the day when not in flight.

Safety of Mr. Mister Mosquito Control Sprays

Many people ask us about the safety of our sprays, and are they dangerous to their children and pets. Anyone who claims that any synthetic insecticide is 100% risk free will be lying to you. Permethrin has a long history of safety. The EPA carried out a test on permethrin and concluded that the risk of using it well outweighed the risk from mosquito bites of not doing so.

When tested against permethrin on the skin, DEET was found to be absorbed at a rate of over twice the rate of permethrin. It’s your choice: permethrin is safer then DEET, or you can use our 100% natural solution as described earlier. This is slightly less effective and more expensive than permethrin, but is a safer solution if you have very young children aged 6 months or under.

That said, we recommend that you, your children of any age, and your pets, should stay inside for at least the time of the application period. You are also recommended to allow 30 minutes for it to dry and then you are free to roam at will – you and your family and pets are safe, but mosquitoes face extinction in your backyard and garden!

Mr. Mister ClearZoneTM Mosquito Control Treatment: Summary

 The Mr. Mister ClearZoneTM mosquito control system is the ideal way to clear mosquitoes from your yards and garden prior to installing an automatic mosquito spray system. It is still not too late to have this treatment carried for this summer. Mosquitoes can still be eradicated from your yard, and an automatic mosquito spray system will keep your backyard and garden clear of these annoying and very dangerous insects for the rest of the summer and fall.

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