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What Your Saturday Might Look Like with a Mr. Mister Misting System

Here’s an example of what a Saturday might look like when you demand a “Mosquito Free Zone” AND own an automated Mr. Mister Misting System.

7AM: Your automated Mr. Mister Misting System is already working to create a “Mosquito Free Zone.” The early morning spray is eliminating mosquitoes as well as wasps, ticks and fleas in your yard when they are most active. This early morning mist also avoids harming beneficial insects like butterflies–  BONUS: you’re still in bed when it starts working to keep your family and pets safe.

9AM: Time to let Fido out! You don’t have to worry about your dog being bothered by pests while he explores your yard, and he won’t bring fleas inside where they can harm your family members.

1PM: The kids are ready to go out to play! You won’t have to spray them down with harmful and smelly chemical DEET mosquito repellant – your mosquito misting system is already naturally repelling mosquitoes and other pests with a product made from African daisies in your yard.

4PM: Ffriends will be arriving in an hour for a barbeque. Use your Mr. Mister misting system remote to manually activate your mosquito control system for extra protection before your party.

8PM: Your mosquito control system closes the day by misting your yard at the second most dangerous time mosquitoes and other pests are most active; dusk.

Bedtime: You can fall asleep knowing your yard, and family, are mosquito free.

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