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Why Mr. Mister Is The Ultimate Mosquito Control Company In Atlanta

At Mr. Mister, we’re known as the ultimate mosquito control company in Atlanta. Our wide range of effective solutions for at-home mosquito control is just one way we’re moving toward our goal of creating a mosquito-free Atlanta.

With that said, many still don’t know of the real dangers mosquitoes pose to both humans and pets alike, and (as such) aren’t aware of the importance of the proper mosquito control solution. Instead of enlisting the help of a reputable mosquito control company — like Mr. Mister — these folks will continue to purchase ineffective mosquito repellents and other similar products at their local box store, with the hopes of keeping blood-sucking, disease-carrying mosquitoes at bay.

Unlike the proper mosquito control measures — such as the methods we offer at Mr. Mister — using DEET-heavy mosquito sprays simply do not work and could even put you at risk for skin conditions, if left on for too long. Additional methods, such as citronella candles are also ineffective at keeping mosquitoes away, and cost quite a bit when you factor in how much you’ll be spending on replacement candles.

Unfortunately, when these methods fail, people tend to still avoid looking into hiring a real mosquito control company, for fear of them being too pricey or time-consuming. However, this is a misconception that we, at Mr. Mister, are attempting to disavow.

Why Do You Need The Proper Mosquito Control Solutions?

As we mentioned before, having the proper mosquito control solutions in place should be a high priority for any homeowner. This is not only due to the fact that mosquitoes are bothersome and mosquito bites can be irritating, but mainly due to the fact that these pests carry a wide range of diseases.

Some of these diseases can be extremely harmful, especially for women who are pregnant, children, pets, and the elderly. This is why creating a mosquito-free barrier around your property is so valuable.

Here are just some of the main diseases mosquitoes carry to give you an idea of how dangerous these pests can be and why it’s smart to have a mosquito control company like Mr. Mister on your team to keep mosquitoes away:

Zika Virus –

By far the most known and recently discovered epidemic sweeping parts of the United States, Zika Virus is a mosquito-borne disease — transmitted from the aedes aegypti mosquito — that is still a threat for much of the South East after first being discovered in an African jungle.

Not only does transmission of Zika lead to flu-like symptoms, but for pregnant women (specifically) with Zika, the virus can put your child at risk for a rare disinformative condition that is developed in utero.

Dengue Fever –

Much like Zika, dengue fever’s symptoms are similar to that of the flu. With that said, in some severe cases (and if left untreated) dengue can turn violent; causing serious bleeding, muscle and joint pain, as well as shock.

In these instances, dengue fever could be life-threatening. Unfortunately, because these symptoms are so similar to the common flu, people affected with the virus aren’t aware of its existence and could go untreated. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to keep yourself protected from mosquitoes when traveling.

West Nile –

While Zika has taken much of the spotlight as the main mosquito-borne illness the bulk of the population is concerned about, West Nile virus is just as much of a threat today as it has always been.

In fact, there have been numerous cases of west nile contractions each year, across the United States, which is why the CDC still recognizes the virus as a serious concern U.S. citizens should be trying to avoid.

Unfortunately, unlike other mosquito-transmitted illnesses, West Nile tends to have little to no symptoms, which is why it is so dangerous. If West Nile is left untreated, it could lead to a fatal neurological condition in humans.

Finding The Proper Mosquito Control Solutions In Atlanta

Now that you’re aware of the serious dangers mosquitoes pose to you and your family, it’s time you take the necessary measures in order to prevent these pests from populating your yard.

For Atlanta residents, Mr. Mister is the go-to provider of effective, safe, and affordable mosquito control solutions. Our company has been serving metro Atlanta and surrounding communities for years with a wide range of services and methods for controlling mosquitoes, in order to create a mosquito-free zone in your yard and beyond.

All of our solutions utilize our bio-degradable mosquito misting spray, which is renowned for its effectiveness at keeping mosquitoes away now and over time, unlike those repellents we mentioned earlier.

Here are just a few of the solutions we offer at Mr. Mister:

ClearZone Mosquito Misting Service – 

By far one of our most popular mosquito control solutions — for sheer convenience alone — is our ClearZone Mosquito Misting Service.

By opting for ClearZone, you’ll have one of Mr. Mister’s mosquito-fighting experts at your home periodically for a professional and custom treatment of your yard with our mosquito misting spray.

At Mr. Mister, our mission is to make mosquito control as convenient as possible, which is why we let you choose your ClearZone schedule in order to have our experts treat your yard whenever is most convenient for you. You can even schedule ClearZone for when you’re at work.

When you choose ClearZone, mosquito control is left entirely to us, so you can worry less about preventing disease-carrying mosquitoes and more about your life’s laundry list of tasks.

Automatic Mosquito Control Systems – 

If you’re more apt to be involved in the mosquito control process, we recommend installing an automatic mosquito control system in your yard from Mr. Mister.

Much like ClearZone, an automatic mosquito control system will disperse our biodegradable throughout your yard in order to create an effective barrier between you and disease-carrying mosquitoes, while also killing off any larvae nearby.

Unlike ClearZone, however, an automatic system is programmed to treat your yard 3 times per day — when mosquitoes are most active — to give you peace of mind that you and your family are always protected from mosquitoes whenever you’re outdoors.

With that said, you can also set up your mosquito control system to treat your yard at any time of your choosing; this way you can avoid treating your yard when your children or pets are exploring the grass.

The best part? Our automated systems are custom built to fit your yard and blend in with existing landscaping perfectly. This means you get daily treatment for mosquitoes without even knowing the system is there.

Professional Gutter Cleaning In Atlanta – 

Beyond our professional mosquito control treatments, Mr. Mister also provides additional services to prevent mosquitoes around your property, including gutter cleaning.

While cleaning your gutters may not seem like an ideal way to get rid of mosquitoes, it’s actually a very important task, as gutters that are filled with excess water can attract mosquitoes. This is because mosquitoes breed in standing water, and why you should always pay attention to the cleanliness of your gutters.

With that said, gutter cleaning can be a time consuming and labor-intensive job, and one that could put you at risk for serious falls or injury, which is why its a job best left to the (insured) professionals at Mr. Mister.

Additional Steps You Can Take To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Property

While opting for one of the professional mosquito control methods we offer at Mr. Mister will certainly do the job of keeping mosquitoes away, if you want to take the initiative to truly stomp out disease-carrying mosquitoes for good measure, there are a few additional steps you can take.

Keep in mind, these steps only work in combination with the proper mosquito control measures already in place, and should not be relied on solely to keep mosquitoes away from your property.

Ensuring Your Yard Is Clean –

As we previously mentioned, mosquitoes are highly attracted to any standing water and treat these areas as their breeding grounds to lay their larvae.

This is why it’s so important to ensure your yard is clean at all times and free of any standing water. That means any outdoor toys — such as tire swings, sandpit utensils, child swingsets, etc. — wheelbarrows and kiddy pools should consistently be turned over and wiped down to ensure they stay dry and to discourage any wandering mosquitoes from making these items their breeding ground.

Avoiding Smelly Perfume And Cologne –

While perfume and cologne are both great for making you smell great, they can also be incredible attractants for deadly mosquitoes.

This is why — at least during the summer months when mosquitoes are most active — you should try to refrain from wearing heavily scented cologne or perfume. If you must, you can always wait to douse yourself until you’re far away from your home.

Keeping Yourself Relaxed While Outdoors –

Exercise is great for the body and an ideal way to stay in shape. With that said, getting yourself too worked up while outdoors can also be the ideal way to invite nearby mosquitoes to bite you.

Mosquitoes use our body’s natural scent and the C02 we emit while breathing and sweating to pick up our coordinates. The scary part? A mosquito can smell you from miles away, and once she’s locked onto your scent, she won’t stop until she has tracked you down and sucked your blood.

This is why you should refrain from emitting anymore C02 than is natural by ensuring to stay cool, hydrated, and relaxed whenever you’re outdoors. A long shower never hurts either.

Educating Your Neighbors On Proper Mosquito Control –

If you’re a Mr. Mister mosquito control company customer, then your yard is already effectively protected from mosquitoes. However, if your neighbors aren’t as educated on the dangers mosquitoes pose, they may not have the same measures in place to keep mosquitoes away.

Unfortunately, if your neighbors are unknowingly inviting mosquitoes into their yards, this means these disease-carrying pests will always be lurking, especially when you leave your home. For this reason alone, you should always look to educate your neighbors about the dangers of mosquitoes and recommend the proper mosquito control company in order to create a mosquito-free zone in your neighborhood.

While your neighbors may not be so attentive at first, they will surely thank you later when they’re avoiding Zika, West Nile and other illnesses that mosquitoes may be carrying.

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