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Pest Control Atlanta: Control Mosquitoes, Wasps and Other Flying Insects

The term ‘Pest Control Atlanta’ can cover a number of different types of pest, although the most annoying to residents are mosquitoes. Mozzies, skeeters, whatever you call them, these little flying devils can do more harm to you and your family than just a little swelling and itching. If you run a business, then the same applies to your clients, employees and customers.

Do Mosquitoes Bite or Sting?

They bite! However, mosquitoes do not bite the same was as dogs might bite. They have a mouthpiece in the form of a syringe or flexible hypodermic needle. When a mosquito is attracted to you by your emission of heat, carbon dioxide or the chemicals in your perspiration, it lands on your skin. It then inserts its hypodermic mouthpiece. This is flexible, so it can hunt around under your skin until it finds a blood vessel. It then enters the vessel and suck out your blood.

While doing this, it secretes saliva under your skin. This saliva contains chemicals that inhibit your blood vessels from contracting and prevent your blood from clotting. The same saliva can also contain viruses, bacteria and parasites (such as the malaria parasite, plasmodium) while the insect can also transfer botfly eggs and parasitic worms to human hosts.

Pest Control Atlanta and Mr. Mister™

Pest control, Atlanta or anywhere else in the world, involves a means to control mosquitoes and reduce the likelihood of you being infected in any of these ways. It also applies to the control of wasps, fleas, flies and other flying insects as well as to ticks that significantly irritate and harm your pets. The mission of Mr. Mister™ is to ensure as far as possible that you and your family pets are not infected in this way. We can also protect outdoor restaurants and other facilities.

How do we do this? By spraying your premises, yard or garden with a fine mist that settles around your foliage, particularly the underside of leafs and twigs where mosquitoes and other bugs like to hide.
The solution used to form the mist contains a synthetic insecticide known a Permethrin. This is safe to use with people and pets, and is the basis of insecticidal shampoos used for humans and and pets.

The treatment last for 21 days, after which it has biodegraded. The initial treatment will clear your yard of mosquitoes, and you can maintain this by the use of automated sprays set around the perimeter of your property. These are programmed to spray round the perimeter at pre-set intervals and maintain a pest-free zone around your property.

Where Do Mosquitoes Breed?

There are around 65 different species of mosquito breeding in Georgia. The majority of these breed in still water, such as in plant containers, buckets, pots, small pools and any other static or stagnant water source. The water must be lying for at least a week for the eggs to be laid, hatch and the larva to develop to flying insects. Mr. Mister™ will identify such sources, and any that you want to retain will be treated with the spray.

It is possible to control mosquitoes and other nuisance insects if you take immediate action after identifying them. The faster you have them dealt with the better for you and the quicker their management will become permanent – or as permanent as it is possible to be. Your objective is risk management, and the risk of you and your family or customers being affected by mosquitoes is mitigated almost immediately we are brought in to handle the problem.

Like any such issues, particularly where there is the distinct likelihood of re-infection once the initial problem has been attended to, it is necessary to keep on top of mosquito and other forms of bug infestations.

This is why Mr. Mister™ offers an automatic mist spraying service to back up the initial treatment. You could wait until the little devils return and call us in again, but it is better to maintain full-time protection for you, your family and your pets.

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