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5 Simple Safety Tips This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a special time of year with family and friends. Along with end-of-year school parties, gifts to wrap, family to visit and parties to attend, add these 5 simple safety tips are easy to check off your list:

  1. Check all electrical cords for frayed sections, cracked lamp holders, or loose connections. This prevents fires and electrocutions.
  2. Test your smoke alarms – You should do this every month, but especially during the holidays when there are more lights, more candles and more fires burning in your fireplaces.
  3. Use one extension cord at a time and make sure it is long enough to reach the outlet without stretching, but short enough to not get tangled to prevent tripping.
  4. Fresh cut vs. fake – If you are celebrating Christmas, a freshly cut tree is more fire-resistant and will add a little bit of peace of mind to your holidays. Plus they smell great!
  5. Heights should be safe – When using a ladder, it should extend a minimum of three feet over working area. Ladders should be on level, firm ground and should be able to carry both you and any objects you’re hauling. It also helps to have someone present to hold the ladder while you work.

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