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Swimming pool safety tips

We received a note the other day from a new Member in Roswell. One line that struck us was, “Thank you for giving us back our yard.” That statement is precisely why we do what we do. We give people their yards back.

We understand, first-hand. Having an Automated Mosquito Misting System at our home is the only way my family can use our pool. Our yard has three of the top mosquito habitats: bamboo, ivy and standing water. One of our favorite things about spring and summer is hanging out at the pool, yet our swimming pool would just be a fancy water feature without a mosquito misting system.

Wherever you may enjoy water play, here are some very important pool safety tips courtesy of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Mr. Mister Mosquito Control.

Become a “Water Watcher” – Constant supervision is key. Although many parents are nearby, they must devote 100% of their attention to supervising water playtime. Drowning can occur in a matter of seconds, so at least one adult should be a completely focused “Water Watcher.”

Practice “Touch Supervision” – Children should be kept within reasonable reach at all times. It is vital to keep children in baby bath seats and rings within arm’s reach.

Don’t Be Overconfident – Don’t overestimate your child’s swimming abilities, even if they have completed swimming courses.

Be Aware of Neighbor’s Pools – Know which of your child’s friends and neighbors have pools. Make sure your child will be constantly supervised by an adult while visiting.

Eliminate Drowning Hazards – Remove items that may cause drowning, such as empty buckets, large containers and wading pools. Keep toilet lids shut with toilet locks. Do not leave toys in or near the pool, where they could attract unsupervised children.

Install Safety Devices Around Pools – Install four-sided fencing at least five feet high that completely surround all pools or water areas, and make sure the fence has self-closing and self-latching gates. A single drain should be equipped with an anti-entrapment drain cover and a safety vacuum release system. For extra protection, consider a pool alarm and alarms on the doors, windows and gates leading to the pool.

Be Prepared – Keep rescue equipment, a telephone and emergency numbers by the pool.

Play Safe – Tell children never to run, push or jump on others around water.

In addition to keeping all children safe poolside, we want them to be as comfortable as possible without the threat of pesky mosquitoes. For some children, mosquito activity limits enjoyment of water play. Without mosquito control, swimming pools are just expensive water features. Contact us today so we can provide your family with Atlanta’s best mosquito control. Call (404)941-0720 or email jason@mrmr.biz for more information on backyard mosquito control. We’ll provide you with a mosquito solution that’s custom fit for your needs.

Be Safe. Have Fun!

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