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Top Five Mosquito Control Strategies

The Ultimate Mosquito Control Strategy – Mr. Mister

As we’ve said before (blog post entitled “The Top 5 Mosquito Repellents“), the Mr. Mister slogan is “Goodbye Mosquitoes. Hello Yard.”  Many of us here in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas can’t enjoy our own yards because of the mosquitoes.  The first step in reclaiming your outdoor area is to invest in effective mosquito control, whether it’s mosquito misting or mosquito spray systems.

In addition to Mr. Mister, you can also utilize other mosquito control strategies.  Let’s take a look at a few:

Precautionary Actions

There are many mechanical products in the market that you can start with. However, the starting point of mosquito control should be a kind of self-help precautionary campaign. This means, you should work out to eliminate the source of mosquito breeding. Leave no room for mosquito larvae’s to hatch or become adult, if you kill them before that stage, half of your problem is solved. In this regard, make sure that your flower pots, swimming pools, clogged gutters, in-house stores, old tires, and gardens aren’t proving out as heaven for mosquitos breeding.

Mosquito Repellent Plants

A very effective and natural remedy to control mosquitos in your surrounding is to grow some repelling plant in your garden. Citronella, Lemon Balm, Catnip, Marigold and Basil are some names to mention. You can grow them inside the pots as well as in the garden. However, it’s important to place them near your sitting or bedding areas to make sure that their fragrance is spreading in there otherwise they’ll not be a helping hand in mosquito control.

Mosquito Repellent

There are numerous mosquito repellents in the market. You can just get the one that suits your budget and needs to kick mosquitos off your house. However keep one thing in mind; read their labels and cautionary notes. Most of the mosquito repellents contain DEET, which is an effective anti-bug ingredient. In addition, there are some soft skin lotions that can keep mosquitos away from your body. But once again, read the labels and instructions prior to usage. This is particularly important for people with sensitive skins as these lotions may cause some reaction.

Mosquito Foggers

Mosquito fogging is an effective solution for quick relief, though it’s not a long-term solution. Mosquitoes are territorial, so fogging will kill adult mosquito populations very fast and stops the further growth. However if wind is blowing at greater than 3MPH speed, fogging effect might not last longer.

Mosquito Sprays

If you are looking for a longer-term solution, go for residual pesticide to treat mosquitoes. However, read the instructions manual before using sprays on your plants, flowers and in-door areas because some of the sprays contain harmful chemicals that may detrimental to your plants.  Of course, there are no instructions to have to read if you go with Mr. Mister, the mosquito control pros!

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