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Ways to Set Up a Safe Mosquito Repellent Trap

The fact that mosquitoes are the vectors of various deadly diseases is known to everybody. With more than 3,000 species discovered, mosquitoes are one of the most dynamic classes of insects. The threat of a mosquito attack is higher in areas that are relatively hotter and have a humid weather that prevails during most of the year, like Atlanta, GA. Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, has a subtropical climate. Due to plenty of river water and rainfall, it can be categorized as one of those regions that are favorable habitats of a number of insects, including mosquitoes. Owing to the fact, families and people residing in Atlanta need a solid and reliable mosquito control system.

Understanding Atlanta: Why It Is Prone To Mosquitoes

Before trying out ways to control mosquitoes, it is imperative that we are familiar with the challenges that Atlanta is presented with. Typical to any Southeastern American city, Atlanta receives abundant rainfall throughout the year. The city also have copious amount of river and lake water. Now, different insects (including mosquitoes) need water to lay eggs and breed. In addition to this, mosquitoes easily dwell and multiply in areas that are relatively humid. The subtropical climate of Atlanta provides all the promising conditions for mosquitoes to inhabit there. Then comes their need of blood to nourish their eggs and larvae and hence humans become an easy target of mosquito attack. Nothing to worry, there are multiple ways to keep mosquitoes and the threat of their diseases at bay.

Ways of Setting Up a Safe Mosquito Repellent Trap

Everyone has tried killing mosquitoes in their life and that’s no surprise considering how mosquitoes are equal opportunity pests. Mosquito sprays, coils, repellents, traps and gadgets are some of the most common ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Out of frustration when you can’t find anything, the clap of your hand might have also worked sometimes where you succeeded in killing a mosquito or two. A mosquito repellent trap, however, is one way that is widely used to keep them away from your yards and outdoors.

Here are some ways of setting up a mosquito trap that will actually work:

First, try a homemade mosquito trap. All you need is a 2 liter plastic bottle, ¼ cup of brown sugar, 1 cup of warm water, 1 gram of yeast and a black tape. Cut the plastic bottle in two halves. Mix brown sugar with hot water and pour the solution in the bottom of the bottle. Add yeast, don’t stir it. Place the funnel part of the bottle upside down and tape it. The trap is ready! Put it in the area that is prone to mosquitoes and see the results yourself.

Second, you can also invest in an electronic mosquito trap that is easily available in the market. They are effective for mosquito control but you might need multiple pairs for securing your house, yards and lawn.

Third, if you’re going to spend time on trapping mosquitoes, realize that it will take a lot of time, over the course of the entire mosquito season (March to October).  Why not give the professionals a try.  Mr. Mister is a local Atlanta company with tons of awesome reviews, competitive pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Again, consider the professional mosquito control option. If you live in Atlanta and have already tried to kill the mosquitoes in your yard by yourself,  but ultimately failed, then you need an effective and lasting mosquito control system. Forget about spraying your outdoors till you choke, applying repellents till you stink and setting up a trap till you get tired. Mr. Mister offers a revolutionary insect and mosquito control system. The system is guaranteed to free your yard and outdoors from mosquitoes and other insects so that you can enjoy with your family and friends without worrying about those little flying monsters.

Mr. Mister’s mosquito control system works as a radical mosquito trap. It not only kills the mosquitoes, their eggs and larvae that are already present in your property but also forms a protective layer against the new ones. In addition, it also works well on other harmful insects such as fleas, ticks, spiders and wasps. Concerned about the environment and nature? Well the system is 100% organic so you can be sure of your family’s health and environment. Managed by a group of certified and insured individuals, Mr. Mister is the only company that offers a lifetime warranty on its system parts and labor. Tempted? Put Mr. Mister to use and welcome a worry-free family time in your yard that you have been yearning for.


Atlanta, due to its hot and humid climate, is one of the most promising habitats of mosquitoes. Common ways of controlling mosquitoes such as mosquito repellent, sprays and traps might work temporarily but they don’t prove to be a lasting solution. The effective formula of Mr. Mister curbs mosquitoes and limits their existence in your property. It works like an innovative mosquito trap while you are freed from the trouble of setting one. 100% organic and result oriented, the system promises a safe yard time along with full mosquito control.

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