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Where to Shop for the Best Teak Furniture

Adding teak furniture to your back yard can enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor living space. Larry Finglass of Atlanta Teak Furniture provides 4 professional recommendation in how to shop for the best teak products.

1 – Shop In-Person

Consumers choose to shop online because the Internet offers convenience. However, with convenience there is also a level of risk. Do you know what you are getting?  Many items look the same in pictures, but are very different in person.  Use the internet to narrow your choices, and then find a seller where you can touch and feel the product.

2 – Find a Specialist

Most large retail chain stores do not specialize in teak furniture. Some large furniture stores sell everything from high end wood to low end plastic furniture. Teak is a unique, high quality wood, and it is preferable to choose a local store that only sells this type of furniture. This way, you will be certain that the store’s representative will have the knowledge to help you make an informed decision.

3 – Get As Close to the Source as Possible

Most retailers don’t stock many items.  Most buy from distributors.  These distributors may or may not be the importer.  Each step along the way adds markup and cost to the consumer and lengthens delivery times.  Try to find a store that imports directly from the factory and stocks items locally.

4 – Compare Locally Owned Teak Furniture Stores in Your Area

Once you have narrowed the list, begin to compare factors such as price and quality. Dealing with a locally owned store will help not only the buying process, but with any future questions you may have.

Quality teak furniture should last a lifetime, so take the time to make sure you find the right merchant.

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