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Why A Mosquito Control Company?

We are often asked by metro-Atlanta mosquito victims, what makes Mr. Mister Mosquito Control different from general pest control companies.

Our answer is the following: “While incredibly important, you wouldn’t use your family practitioner for heart surgery.”

General pest control companies are generalists.  They have general knowledge about different types of bugs, yet only carry tools to treat most insects in a broad way.

Mosquitoes are a great example of a particular breed of insect that needs to be treated in a specific way.  General pest control companies treat for mosquitoes every 30 days, even though companies that manufacture mosquito control solutions advise that their products only last 21 days.  The reason they do this is because pest control companies base their schedules on a 30-day route system, rather than the life-span of the products that they use.  We treat our members’ yard every 21 days because that’s what it takes to keep you mosquito free.  We also have an incredible automated system which we can install at your home.  This system is the next step in complete mosquito control and gives you automated as well as on-demand mosquito control.

We get it.  We understand.  They are not specialists.  They also cannot and do not spend time walking around your yard searching for and treating specific areas that attract mosquitoes such as holes in trees, yard debris, gutters, and areas where standing water exists.  At Mr. Mister Mosquito Control, we are experts at one thing, getting rid of mosquitoes, the biggest threat and nuisance in your backyard.

When you call Mr. Mister Mosquito Control, rest assured you are calling a company dedicated to making sure its members enjoy the outdoors without sharing space with mosquitoes.  For an analysis of your yard by a true mosquito control expert, call us.   We’ve got you covered.


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