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Why Control Mosquitoes?

Let’s get philosophical for a moment. What is the natural purpose for mosquitoes?

Why control mosquitoes if you can protect yourself with mosquito sprays?

Let’s say we destroy all the mosquitoes in Georgia – what would be the consequences?

That’s a very good question, because some people believe we would upset the natural ecological balance if the mosquito control systems we apply destroyed all the mosquitoes in the state! Other than the fact that it is highly unlikely for this to happen, mosquitoes, like all other natural creatures, have their part to play in maintaining a balance in nature.

What Use Are Mosquitoes?

So are mosquitoes useful? If so, what use are mosquitoes when all they seem to do is bite people and make them itch or ill? Here are some of the benefits of mosquitoes in this world, even though they may not be worth the health issues they create.

  • They are prolific pollinators. Mosquitoes largely live from nectar – the males exclusively so. Just like bees, they are responsible for a good part of the pollination needed for our natural plant life to multiply and thrive.
  • Mosquitoes feed birds, bats and other predators. They have been around for over 100 million years, providing food for many other species. Why kill them off now?
  • Mosquitoes and their larvae feed fish in ponds, and are also a good part of a frog’s diet and also that of salamanders, lizards and some spiders.
  • Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) is a species of fish used to populate paddy fields and pools to keep down the population of mosquito larvae. They would likely go extinct in the absence of mosquitoes.

However, there are many other food sources these predators can turn to, and it is believed that mosquitoes could quite happily (?) become extinct without significantly affecting any other animal species – and you and I would be happier! So what are the arguments for why we should control mosquitoes?

Why Control Mosquitoes?

On balance, mosquito control is more beneficial than allowing them to proliferate. Most mosquito predators have alternative food sources to turn to and pollination will continue even in their absence. There are very few things that mosquitoes do for which nature has not provided an alternative. There are very few species for which nature depends so much that the world as we know it would cease – and like man, a mosquito is not one of them!

Atlanta Mosquito Control Systems

So do not feel bad about using any of the Atlanta mosquito control systems available to you. You will not upset the natural balance of predators and their prey. Mosquitoes are lethally efficient at sucking blood from their prey – and you are one of that prey!

Trouble is, when they suck your blood they also inject a chemical that thins your blood and prevents it from clotting. That can also contain the bacteria and viruses that cause West Nile disease, dengue fever, chikungunya disease and even the Zika virus.

So what use are mosquitoes, and how do we control them? Should you control mosquitoes or are mosquitoes useful enough that you should live alongside them and tolerate them? Easy answer – you should control mosquitoes, and apply all the Atlanta mosquito control systems you can find. Are mosquitoes useful? Yes – but they are not essential to our ecology! Why control mosquitoes? Because if you don’t control them they will control you!

The world will survive without mosquitoes – so fight them and beat them. Mr. Mister will help you to achieve this with our ClearZoneTM mosquito misting system and our automatic mosquito spray that activates when mosquitoes are most active.

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