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Winter Mosquito Protection

Our Atlanta mosquito control system focuses on the spring to the fall. Winter mosquito control is different! A mosquito spray is generally ineffective in winter because there is nothing to spray. That is not quite true, because it is known that many of these insects are active in fall and into the winter – but you would be very unlucky to see one, let alone be bitten by onAtlanta Mosquito Control - Kids can suffer even if you do not!e. Your children especially.

What can be done now to make sure that you get as few mosquitoes as possible next spring? Many people believe that mosquitoes start to die in the fall and are all dead by wintertime. This is true to an extent, but not completely so. Many mosquitoes survive into the winter and can still bite animals and humans during the Holiday period. There might not be many of them, but don’t think that you are free of them over the winter months.

Atlanta Mosquito Control in Winter

If there is a need for professional Atlanta mosquito control in winter then much depends on where you are located. The fact that mosquitoes are active in Alaska should give you a clue that climate does not remove them altogether. That agreed, then how about Atlanta? This city is very susceptible to attack by many forms of biting insects due to the proximity of the Chattahoochee River forms the southern half of the Georgia and Atlanta border. Not just the river but the streams that flow into it!

Mosquitoes love wetlands, river and lakes. If you reduce that in scale then your backyard, garden or municipals parks can be a wonderful environment for these insects that love moist conditions and also the cover of vegetation such as grassland, bushes, trees and shrubbery. If you require an Atlanta mosquito control system to protect you from them, then plan well in advance.

Winter Mosquito Protection

Mr. Mosquito does not offer Winter mosquito protection. We can, however, advise you on actions you can take to reduce your early spring infestations and attacks. You should make a point of understanding the seasonal habits of these biting insects. If you did that, then you would know that many females lay eggs so the larvae become active in early spring or even late winter.

Here is how to minimize the possibility of you and your family being attacked earlier in the year than you should:

1. After fall, once the leaves have left the trees, collect them all up and remove them from your yard. Mosquitoes can hide in leaf-fall or even breed there. Make your sure your yard and garden are free of old leaves and other waste and other detritus that these insects love.

2. Check your yard and garden over for empty containers such as tubs, tin cans, flower pots, fountains, barbecue pans, ponds, bird baths and any other area of standing water. Empty them of the water and clean them out. These are very common places where mosquitoes lay their eggs, and larvae hide when they are maturing.

3. There is no defined Atlanta mosquito control system in winter, but you can use your common sense to find where mosquitoes hide. Check the spaces between your walls and the ground, the cracks between paving stones, around drains, inside guttering, behind downpipes and anywhere you believe that these insects might be hiding. We might help you as a special service if you contact us and ask us to do so.

4. Finally, make sure that you have an Atlanta mosquito control system set up wherever you have had an infestation over the past few years. It may have been your dog’s bowl, coming from behind your magnolia bush or from around the drain that collects the water from your roof guttering.

The advantage of setting up a mosquito control system in winter is that you will collect any strays that are awaiting spring, and also be ready for the spring and early summer onslaught. If you need some help with this then contact us here on this website, at http.www.mrmr.biz – we can offer you all the assistance you require to prevent mosquitoes attacking you immediately the first spring sun appears! An Atlanta mosquito control system is a specialism and one that can be delivered with complete success.

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