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4 Effective Techniques For Controlling Mosquitoes

Controlling mosquitoes around your house and yard is important for a number of reasons, primarily for health reasons. Mosquitoes are some of the most dangerous pests due to the fact that they are responsible for the spread of multiple diseases such as malaria and the Zika virus. They are also very irritating especially when they buzz around your ears!  If you live in Atlanta, or nearby, you know that Atlanta is one of the cities that has the highest mosquito populations in the country.  It’s therefore very important to learn about effective techniques to control mosquitoes and keep your family safe.

Mosquito Spraying

If you are looking for a quick and surefire way of getting rid of mosquitoes, then spraying is what you need to go for. Use a repellent that is specifically targeted at mosquitoes and check for such things as the active ingredient. And also, follow all the instructions regarding proper usage of the sprays so as to ensure that they are effective.

Mosquito Traps

If you are averse to using insecticides, then mosquito traps come in handy. These simple contraptions are very useful when it comes to eliminating the mosquitoes that may be wrecking havoc in your home and yard. There are different kinds of such traps that you can choose from on the market today. You an even make one using simple items at home. The great thing about traps is that they are capable of not only attracting, but also getting rid of the bugs. This means that within a short span of time, you can be able to wipe them out of your property.

Proper Window Coverings & Screens

The first line of defense against mosquitoes in your house is preventing them from gaining entry in the first place. This will save you a great amount of time and effort. That is why you need to cover your windows in such a manner that they will allow light and wind to pass through but keep out the insects. Proper screens are a must, and don’t forget to close the doors.  Mosquitoes tend to fly into the house through open doors, including sliding glass doors.  This also is the case with outdoor living areas, such as screened in gazebos.

Maintain A Clean Yard

Like most other pests, mosquitoes thrive in an environment that is not hygienic. Such an environment allows them to thrive as well as lay their eggs. Therefore, you need to maintain a clean yard around your home. Get rid of any empty containers that may act as breeding grounds; remove clutter from your gutters and drainage systems. You should also trim bushes around your home so as to ensure that the bugs do not have any room to live in around your home.

The Best Option

Of course, mosquito sprays and traps are useful, but they require multiple applications.  It’s impossible for most of us to keep up with the constant threat of mosquitoes in the yard.  That’s where a professional mosquito control company like Mr. Mister comes into play.  Let them set up mosquito control systems that spray your yard automatically, and let them come out on a regular basis and spray your yard for mosquitoes.  They have a thing called ClearZone Misting, and it’s awesome! It’s worth the small investment to get huge value out of your house and yard during the mosquito season from March to September.

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