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Mr. Mister Mosquito Control has some of the top mosquito experts in the region. We know how to stop mosquitoes in their tracks and keep them from coming back. We are locally owned and open seven days a week. So we know our city, and we know your neighborhood. And when you call us, we’re there for you. Mosquitoes don’t take a day off, so neither do we.

We control mosquito populations for residential, commercial, community, and institutional customers. So we’ve really seen it all. If you have a residence of any size, we can help you get it 100% mosquito-free. Got a business? We serve businesses large and small, so you and your customers don’t have to worry about mosquitoes. We also work with homeowners associations, community groups, and local parks to keep everyone safe while they play and enjoy common areas. We also partner with a number of schools to keep children, staff, and visitors safe from mosquitoes all season long.

Mosquito Treatment Service Overview

Our treatment is harsh on mosquitoes but gentle on the environment. We also keep your family safe from harmful chemicals other service providers use in mosquito control by using our EPA-approved, 100% biodegradable solution that is completely safe for adults, children, and pets. We take your safety seriously, and our main goal is to keep you and your loved ones protected.

  • Organic mosquito services available.
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  • Effective and reliable service 7 days a week
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  • Safe for people, pets, and plants
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Backyard Mosquito Control Poncey-Highland

The best treatment for adult mosquitoes is a barrier spray treatment like Mr. Mister’s ClearZone™ Mosquito Misting treatment. A technician will visit your home every 21 days throughout mosquito season. The technician will apply a fine mist of our EPA-approved 100% biodegradable solution to your bushes and other hotspots. The solution will kill adult mosquitoes and help prevent larvae from maturing. You’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to banish mosquitoes and get your yard back all season long.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for our most frequently asked questions and answers.

How long does a mosquito treatment last?

For maximum effectiveness, we treat your property every 21 days. Some mosquito control companies will treat less often, relying on laboratory tests that show some control products lasting longer. But we know that your backyard is no lab. Your yard is subject to rain, sunlight, and heat, which can all cause the barrier treatment to break down. Our experience has shown us that three weeks is the ideal period between treatments.

What is organic mosquito treatment?

Natural mosquito control is a three-step process. First, remove standing water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. Second, treat areas that can hold water with larvicide to prevent larvae from hatching, growing, or maturing. Third, apply a natural product, like Essentria IC3, to kill adult mosquitoes.

How much does mosquito treatment cost?

Backpack treatments cost $79-$99 per treatment depending on the size of your yard. If you are interested in mosquito control for a commercial property or another type of non-residential situation, contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss pricing. We are open seven days a week.


Our Commitment To The Community

Poncey-Highland is a beautiful historic Intown neighborhood that was established in the early decades of the twentieth century. Some of its claims to fame include the former Ford Motor Company assembly plant, the Western Electric Company building, Briarcliff Plaza, and the Clermont Hotel (now Hotel Clermont). For residents outdoor fun is never far from home. Enjoying places such as Freedom Park, which runs through the middle of the neighborhood. Residents can also bike, jog, or stroll along the Beltline, with easy access to Ponce City Market.

All that outdoor fun may put you right in the crosshairs of mosquitoes, but with Mr. Mister, you have nothing to fear.

Our experts will keep your home or business mosquito-free.


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