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Organic Mosquito Control

Our trained mosquito control technicians arrive in company vehicles to treat your yard.Organic mosquito control

Organic mosquito treatment options.

We like to think of it as a big, green mosquito shield.

For our customers who request organic treatment solutions, we offer a number of organic and bee-friendly mosquito control products. All of our technicians undergo hours of training to properly handle and apply all our products. Our Mr. Mister Mosquito Control Green Team undergoes additional training about green products and application methods as well as continuing education.

Essentria IC3 and BTI, a naturally occurring bacteria that is toxic only to mosquito larvae,  are products that use active ingredients derived completely from natural sources. This environmentally friendly solution provides a lasting mosquito protection without any negative environmental impact. Our organic service requires treatment every 14 days.

We also offer a bee-friendly treatment using a product called Mavrik. Mavrik, once dry, is non-toxic to bees while providing protection from mosquitoes. Treatments are done every 14 days.

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