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Mosquitoes in Winter

Although you tend not to see many mosquitoes in winter, protection and prevention is a year-round activity. Mosquitoes become inactive below 50 degrees, but they do not die out. They are alive and well, hiding away, waiting for warmer weather in the spring. That’s why we see such a sudden explosion of mosquito activity when […]

How To Protect Pets From Mosquitoes

How To Protect Pets From Mosquitoes

Pet lovers everywhere know the dangers associated with mosquitoes. Disease-carrying mosquitoes are common in all parts of the country. So it’s not surprising that many pets contract diseases from contact with infected mosquitoes. While ticks and fleas can cause problems for pets, mosquitoes are particularly troublesome. Mosquitoes spread disease widely and quickly, and they are […]

Don’t Be a Mosquito Magnet

Don’t Be a Mosquito Magnet

Mosquitoes are attracted to humans for one obvious reason: blood. Female mosquitoes need the protein in blood to build their eggs, and they can’t lay them without it. Besides the pain and endless itching that result from a mosquito bite, it can also infect your body with germs and viruses that cause different diseases. The […]

How We Help Fight Malaria

At Mr. Mister, we recognize that we are part of the community, both locally and globally. We partner with many schools and non-profits in the area. We also help fight malaria around the globe by donating to Nothing But Nets. Nothing But Nets is a non-profit that helps fight malaria, especially in children, by providing […]

Mosquitoes Suck the Fun Out of Summer

Summer is the most fun time of year. With swimming, hiking, and backyard barbecues, there is no doubt that even the hottest summer is one of the coolest seasons. But mosquitoes can throw a wrench into your plans. Don’t let mosquitoes such the fun out of summer. Instead, call Mr. Mister for a mosquito-free summer—and […]

How Knowing a Mosquito’s Habitat Can Aid in Mosquito Control

You could ask any mosquito control expert, “what makes a better mosquito habitat? A pond filled with frogs, fish, and other insects or a dog dish that sits undisturbed under a shaded tree in your backyard?” They’ll undoubtedly tell you that the dog dish is by far the more suitable mosquito habitat. It turns out […]

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Mosquitoes and Standing Water

Standing water is the required habitat for mosquito larvae, making way for blood-sucking, disease-carrying mosquitoes to thrive. The best way to rid an area of mosquitoes is by making sure there is no standing water. There are several ways you can do that. First, drain any standing water in old buckets or trash in the […]

Mosquitoes Are Always Watching

Mosquitoes are always around, watching us even when we can’t see them. Luckily, someone is watching them back, and we’ve got your back. Mr. Mister Mosquito Control can find and eliminate the mosquitoes and mosquito breeding grounds in your yard. Take back your outdoors with Mr. Mister.  


Mosquito Misconceptions

There are lots of misconceptions about mosquito control floating around the general public. As experts, we see them every day. We’re always happy to educate people and answer all their questions. But we thought it might be a good idea to share some of what we hear and set straight some of the most common […]

Natural Atlanta Mosquito Control

Natural Mosquito Predators: Birds, Bats, and Fish

It might seem that a simple solution to your mosquito problem would be to simply leave it the birds, the bats, and any other natural predators. Many people even believe that zappers or ultrasonic systems will control mosquitoes. Let’s look at each of these and discuss their potential for taking the place of a professional […]