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The Best Mosquito Repellent for a Yard

Mosquito Control Summer Checklist

Make sure you are prepared for the summer with this handy checklist. Got sunscreen? Check! Got your allergy meds? Check! Got Mr. Mister? If you don’t, you certainly should. No one likes to live in a swarm of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, mosquitoes don’t consult with their human neighbors about where to live and where to find […]

10 Ways to Control Mosquitoes in Your Yard

10 Ways to Control Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Show those mosquitoes who’s boss. Spring is almost here, and summer will be here before you know it. So before the weather starts to peak over 50º—that’s when mosquito season starts—let’s take a moment to review the best ways to control mosquitoes in your yard. After all, spring and summer are a time for lazy […]


What You Can Do To Reduce Mosquitoes

Mosquito season is in full swing this time of year. And as people spend more time outdoors, they want to know what they can do bout these pests! The most puzzling questions folks have for experts are: Where on my property are mosquitoes likely to breed? What can I do to reduce the number of […]

4 Reasons to Invest in our Service

4 Reasons to Invest in our Service

Spring is here, and you may be considering renovations for your home. Some homeowners may be making modest changes. New plants for your yard, a fresh flower bed, or a newly-planted garden are all great ways to update your yard. Other homeowners may be planning something a bit grander. A new or expanded deck, fresh […]

Got Mosquito Problems? We Can Help 24×7

If you ask people most will probably agree that this city has a mosquito problem. From early spring to late fall, mosquitoes terrorize the Southeast. Whether you plan on a backyard barbecue, a family hike, or just relaxing your yard, mosquitoes can make life miserable. Thankfully, you have Mr. Mister, and Mr. Mister knows how […]

Insect Repelling Wristbands Are A Fraud!

It’s summertime, and here in the south, that means lots of us will be reaching for the bug spray. The problem with bug spray is that it often leaves you feeling oily and smelly, and it may even damage some fabrics. So what a relief it is to see a new product for sale, non-smelly […]

Professional vs DIY Mosquito Sprays

Nobody loves mosquitoes, especially in their own backyards. So making the decision to treat your yard for mosquitoes and other pests is easy. When you consider all the benefits, spraying for mosquitoes seems like a great option. As we are fond of saying here is Mr. Mister, it’s like creating a forcefield around your yard […]

How to Protect Your Dog from Heartworm

How to Protect Your Dog from Heartworm

Heartworm prevention is a hot topic, literally! As the weather heats up, people spend more time outdoors with their furry friends. And at the same time, the bug population is flourishing, increasing the risk of heartworm infection. So how do you protect your dog from heartworm? Here are a few helpful tips. How do dogs […]

Mosquito Control DIY 1

Mosquito Control DIY part 1

What can you do to keep mosquitoes out of your yard? Here are three simple tips: Take any large potted plants indoors. Potted plants can collect water that provides mosquitoes a place to lay their eggs. They can also provide a sheltered hiding place for adult mosquitoes. Spread coffee grounds in affected areas. The smell […]

Nothing But Nets

We Donate To Nothing But Nets

Mr. Mister doesn’t just keep your home mosquito free, we work to protect people from mosquitoes at home and around the globe. Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals on the planet because they spread malaria. Fortunately, some simple steps can help protect children and adults. One of the best ways to prevent the spread […]