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Guaranteed Mosquito Control Services in Sugar Hill, Georgia

At Mr. Mister, we’re a locally owned and operated professional mosquito control company with one goal in mind: make humans happy, and mosquitoes miserable. We do this with 3 innovative and effective service options, including our automatic mosquito misting systems, ClearZone mosquito spraying service, and our gutter cleaning services.

We are proud to be considered one of the top rate mosquito control companies in Sugar Hill, Georgia and are always dedicated to making your home mosquito free with our innovative home and yard treatment service.

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Why Choose Mr. Mister As Your Sugar Hill Mosquito Company

We go above and beyond to make sure your mosquito control service is the best it can possibly be. Not 98%, not 99%. One hundred percent satisfaction. If we fail by any measure, we’ll be happy to pay for your first service with a competitor of your choice. You read that right. We’ll be pay for your first service with a competitor of your choice. That’s just how we do 100% Satisfaction Guarantees and we stand behind it.

Sugar Hill, GA Backyard Mosquito Control Treatment

Mr Mister’s mosquito treatment for yard service fully equips your yard with its very own, guaranteed, three week no-fly zone. ClearZone™ is both simple to order and have performed: our team shows up to your home for the fogging service and for the next three weeks you and your family will be allowed to enjoy your favorite outdoor areas and yard without the concern of lingering mosquitoes in the back of your mind. Our ClearZone™ automated misting system utilizes our tried-and-tested mosquito fogging spray, which is specifically designed to stick to the underside of your yard’s foliage in order to create protection that lasts for 21 days while also inhibiting reproduction and reducing future population. To top it all off, our outdoor mosquito control solution is 100% biodegradable, and leaves no active residues behind. Relief from dangerous mosquitoes in your yard is fully guaranteed for all 21 days.

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Frequently Asked Mosquito Treatment Questions:


How much does it cost?

  • We customize each barrier spray application to successfully treat your mosquito problem. The price is based on the size of your property, nothing else.

Is mosquito control safe?

  • All products are EPA regulated and approved for use in residential applications. We go above and beyond what is required and are trusted by local schools, playgrounds and dog parks.

How long does the barrier last?

  • Mosquito treatment lasts for 21 days and is guaranteed for that entire period. Organic mosquito treatment last 14 days before needing to be reapplied.


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