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Residential Mosquito Control

Our residential mosquito control services are designed to provide an effective mosquito barrier can control around your home. We absolutely guarantee that if you see even a single mosquito on your property between regularly scheduled treatments, we’ll come back and re-treat for free. Whatever it takes, we’ll keep you mosquito-free. We also offer the convenience of installed automated mosquito misting systems so your property can stay mosquito-free without any additional visits from our professional technicians.

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Our Residential Mosquito Control Services

A professional survey of your premises or yard to establish the best mosquito control system suitable for your needs
Initial treatment of areas prone to mosquito breeding, such as around downpipes and drains, guttering, ponds and stagnant fountains and other areas of standing water
Manual spraying of deep foliage, the underside of leaves and other areas where mosquitoes hide when they are not active
Fully automated custom mosquito misting system built for your yard by our licensed and insured professionals
We are the only company to offer a 3-year warranty on Automated Misting Systems and a lifetime warranty on nozzles, tubing and labor
60 day 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee
Easy to use remote control for on-demand mosquito spraying
100% Organic solutions available if preferred
Tanked and Tankless Automated Misting System options available


Safe Residential Mosquito Control

Our residential mosquito control systems are 100% biodegradable, so they will not persist in your yard whether manually or automatically sprayed. We recommend reapplication of manual sprays every 21 days to account for this. This is not an issue with our automatic mosquito misting systems. The components of our sprays and misting systems do not contain DEET, and are safe for your plants, pets and your children. It should be said, however, that personal exposure during the misting process is not recommended.

Monthly Payment Plan Option

Our Monthly Payment Plan keeps you on an automated schedule for service and refills. It also includes winter and de-winterization, and our custom warranty program. Callbacks and service requests are always covered in the MPP. It is calculated on the number of fills you will need during mosquito season while taking the element of surprise out of the billing process.


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