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Mr. Mister’s Frequently Asked Questions

ClearZone™ Yard Treatment FAQ’s:


How long does it take to apply the ClearZone™ treatment and how long will it last?

A typical treatment will average about 20 minutes. Larger yards may take longer to treat. Each treatment lasts approximately 21 days, at which time our team will be scheduled to treat your yard again.

Do you spray the grass?

Not typically. Mosquitoes do not usually seek shelter in the grass. Our goal in doing a pre spray walk of the property is to seek out the areas where mosquitoes will be resting. The most common areas to find mosquitoes during the day include: the underside of the leaves of dense/shrubby plants, under decks and in damp shady areas of the property. We do recommend that you keep your grass short during the mosquito season. In some cases such as special events like weddings and large outdoor parties, we will spray the grass where your guests will be.

Does your treatment get rid of any other pests?

Our ClearZone™ barrier treatment can help with fleas, ticks and some flies but we are targeting mosquitoes.

What chemicals are being used in my yard and are they safe? What about for plants, pond, pets, and kids?

Our main barrier spray chemical is a synthetic form of pyrethrum called a pyrethroid. We spray this chemical on shrubs, low lying trees, your foundation, mulch beds, etc. All chemicals we use are EPA approved. Widely used in shampoos, outdoor clothing and protection for pets, Permethrin, our most widely used, is a synthetic insecticide with a long history of safety. A risk/benefit balancing analysis conducted by the EPA saw the benefits of permethrin dramatically outweighing the risks. In a comparative test with DEET, when put directly on the skin, typically less than 1% of active Permethrin ingredient is absorbed into the body; DEET can be absorbed at over 20 times that rate.

If you have a pond or vegetable garden, please let us know so that we can customize your treatment plan.

You, your children and your pets should not be outside during the application of the spray treatment, but you may return to your outdoor fun after allowing 30 minutes for the treatment to dry.

Is there an all natural treatment option?

Yes we have organic treatment solutions, however, our all natural spray needs to be applied every 14 days to be effective. Prices may differ for this solution so please contact us for a quote.

Does anyone need to be home when the yard is treated? How will I know if the treatment was done if I’m not home?

No. As long as your gate is unlocked and your pets are inside, our technician can treat. Our trained professionals will obtain any information pertinent to your location (i.e. locked gate) when you sign up. Your technician will leave a door hanger upon completion of your treatment so you will know your yard has been serviced. Information on this door hanger will include your date and time of service as well as any comments and helpful hints the technician may have to help you keep your yard as uninviting as possible for mosquitoes, ticks and other pests.

What if it rains after my yard has been treated?

As long as your yard has had adequate time to dry after the application of your treatment (approximately 30 minutes), rain should not impact the effectiveness of your service. However, our ClearZone™ Guarantee ensures that if the quality of your barrier spray service is affected by rain, we will return to your yard to ensure you are mosquito free until your next scheduled service.

How much does a typical ClearZone mosquito treatment cost?

Each property is unique and we customize each barrier spray application to successfully treat your mosquito problem. We price our applications based on the size and density of foliage of your property and the amount of chemical that we will need to use. You can contact us any time for a free quote and we usually don’t even need to visit your property. Our trained agents will be able to take your property address, look it up using our computer program, and assess your property size to give you an accurate quote.

Do you provide commercial mosquito control services?

Our ClearZone™ barrier sprays are a great solution for many commercial businesses such as restaurants with patios, parks, campgrounds, public pools and playgrounds, sports fields, daycares, outdoor wedding venues, schools and more.

Mosquito Control System: General FAQ’s


Who can benefit from using a Mr. Mister Mosquito Pest Control System?

Homeowners who have not been able to enjoy their yards, pools and patios because of the nuisance of mosquito bites and the threat of mosquito borne illnesses. This includes communities that share common amenities such as pool and tennis.

Are your mosquito misting systems truly effective?

Yes, our systems are engineered and designed to the industry’s highest standards providing a completely effective solution to the problem of flying, biting and stinging insects. It is so effective at controlling mosquitoes that we provide a 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will gladly provide references of clients who currently are able to enjoy their yards as a result of using our system.

What size mosquito pest control system will I need for my property?

We will properly design the system to suit your property. An average backyard will require between 30 and 50 nozzles to provide adequate coverage. We have installed systems with fewer than 20 nozzles and systems with more than 800 nozzles. It really depends on the size and layout of your property and the areas you want covered.

How do you determine the number of spray nozzles I will need for my home or facility?

Our experience and expertise allows us to design your misting system with the proper number of nozzles. Every property and facility has unique needs. Our experienced technicians will work with you to determine the proper number of nozzles for your environment. In expansive areas, it may not be adequate to simply install nozzles around the perimeter. We recommend an on-site consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff. We offer free analysis and estimates.

What is the mosquito system warranty?

We offer a Lifetime No Hassle Warranty on all system parts and labor.* Due to our use of the best products in the industry, we expect your system to last for years and years, trouble-free. We lead the way in quality and features and our warranty shows our confidence in your satisfaction.

What chemicals do you use to control mosquitoes and are they safe?

Mr. Mister uses a synthetic form of pyrethrum, called permethrin, as the active ingredient in our liquid solutions. Pyrethrum is extracted from a specific type of Chrysanthemum known as the African Daisy. The permethrin is mixed with water. Water comprises more than 99.7% of the final mixture. None of our liquid solutions contain petroleum distillates. There will be no oily walls, windows, or patios to contend with and no petroleum to ingest. These products are regulated and approved by the EP Widely used in shampoos, outdoor clothing and protection for pets, Permethrin is a synthetic insecticide with a long history of safety. A risk/benefit balancing analysis conducted by the EPA saw the benefits of permethrin dramatically outweighing the risks. In a comparative test with DEET, when put directly on the skin, typically less than 1% of the active Permethrin ingredient is absorbed into the body; DEET can be absorbed at over 20 times that rate.

How often will my system need refilling?

Our precision engineered, no-drip spray nozzles each emit approximately 1.1 ounce of solution per minute of operation. Refill frequency will vary with each installation depending on the number of nozzles and the duration and frequency of misting cycles per day. You will receive an estimated refill schedule at the time your free estimate is provided.

What kind of maintenance does the mosquito pest control misting system require?

A properly maintained system will have a long life and operate more efficiently. We will provide all the necessary maintenance for your system through our “Never Empty/Never Worry” service. Ask your representative for details.

How much will my mosquito misting system cost?

A mosquito control misting system is comparable in price to a sprinkler system installation. The system cost is dependent on several factors including the size of the area to be protected, the number of nozzles required, and the complexity of installation.

How will my system affect the appearance of my home?

We use the finest materials, installers, and techniques to make your system virtually invisible. The system cannot be completely hidden, but the components that are visible look impressive. The system adds value to your home due to it’s effectiveness and the quality of installation. Take a look at our photo gallery to see more pictures of installed systems.

What diseases are carried by mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are known carriers of several diseases including West Nile Virus (West Nile Encephalitis), Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, Heartworm, Malaria (Tropical areas), Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and Rift Valley Fever. For more information on any of these diseases, please visit the Center for Disease Control’s website regarding Mosquito-Borne Diseases.

Call us any time for more information on the Mr. Mister automatic mosquito pest control system and the automated ClearZone mosquito misting system.

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